Should I Send My Dog to Daycare?

Should I Send My Dog to Daycare

Are you torn between leaving your beloved furry family member home alone or sending them to doggy daycare? You’re not alone! Many dog owners grapple with whether their pooch would benefit from a few hours of socialization and playtime. If you’re on the fence, keep reading, as this article compiled by Happy Dog Resort explores the pros and cons of putting your canine companion in doggie daycare.

Dog daycare is comparable to a preschool or day camp for kids – fostering interaction and learning within a safe and supervised environment. You simply drop off your pup in the morning. And expect that they’ll be dog-tired by the end of the day, having had lots of fun and played with their new friends.

What Are The Types Of Dog Daycare Facilities?

A pertinent factor to consider before enrolling your pup in doggy daycare is the type of facility you’re selecting. Let’s look at the different types of doggy daycare centres:

  • Home-based daycares– These are daycare centers set up in the owner’s home. So your dog will benefit from the home-like atmosphere, personal attention, and love. And it’s a perfect solution for dogs prone to anxiety.
  • Obedience/Training-based dog daycares– Obedience-based dog daycares are an excellent choice for pet parents seeking to enhance positive behaviors and foster socialization skills. These unique facilities seamlessly integrate playtime with effective obedience training, providing a comprehensive approach to your furry companion’ development.
  • Boarding kennels– These doggie daycare centers are ideal if you need someone to watch your dog for a few days while you’re away. From a home-based environment to having individual kennels, a boarding kennel provides your pup with an ideal place to stay while you’re away.

What are the benefits of sending your pup to daycare?

Now that we know the types of daycare facilities, let’s explore the benefits:

  • Socialization– Doggy daycares provide a safe space for your pup to interact with other dogs. This exposure helps your dog develop better socialization skills and boosts their confidence. And the change of scenery helps to keep them mentally stimulated.
  • Exercise and Stimulation– Does your canine companion seem not to get enough exercise? Then a daycare provides a conducive environment to get in their daily dose of physical and mental stimulation. With an abundance of toys, plenty of space for running, and a schedule of activities, your pup will look forward to their daycare days.
  • Prevent your Dog from feeling lonely–Just like you, your pup also feels lonely if they spend extended periods alone. Sending them to a daycare provides the companionship and stimulation they need to stay balanced.
  • Grooming services– Do you want to knock out two tasks in one? Many doggie daycares offer grooming services to keep your pup looking their best. Won’t it be pleasant for your pup to run and have fun, then enjoy a thorough grooming session at the end of the day?

Having considered the benefits of daycare facilities, it’s also prudent to consider potential challenges.

What Are The Cons Of Sending Your Pup To Daycare?

  • Lack of personalized care– A daycare with a high ratio of dogs to handlers might not be ideal if your dog thrives on individual attention and personalized care. So consider the size of the daycare before enrolling your pup.
  • Potential for Illnesses and Injuries– Despite most daycares following strict health protocols to keep dogs safe, there’s always a risk of illnesses and injuries. Fleas, ticks, and other contagious illnesses can quickly spread between dogs at daycare.
  • Developing bad behaviors– Unfortunately, close contact with other dogs can lead to behavioral problems if your pup isn’t adequately supervised. To ensure your pup returns home with only the benefits of daycare, look for facilities that foster positive interactions and provide dedicated one-on-one time.
  • Overwhelming– imagine your shy pup surrounded by other energetic and over-excited dogs. This kind of environment can overwhelm and stress your pup. To avoid this, look for daycares that separate dogs based on size and attitude to prevent over-stimulation.

Sending your pup to daycare relieves you of the guilt of leaving them home alone for hours on end. But ensuring your pup goes to a reputable facility with qualified staff who provide personalized attention and care is crucial. In addition, factor in your dog’s personality, age, and health to ensure it’s a perfect fit. Remember, cheap isn’t always the best, and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.