Glamorous Life of Salesha Alaniz


Salesha Alaniz is the mother of actor Cameron J. Wright who is popular for his role in the Netflix series “Family Reunion.” Little is known about Salesha because she likes to keep her life private. However, she got the fame due to his son’s career in acting. Let’s learn more about his life in this article.

Who is Cameron J. Wright?

Cameron J. Wright is a musician, actor and model from America. He got a role in a new show that aired on Netflix on 10 July 2019, “Family Reunion”. He is playing the character of a teen boy named Mazzi McKellan. He has also acted in some other shows like “Sofia the first” and “Tall Girl”. He also has his own YouTube channel where he uploads his music videos. He has learned some musical instruments like Piano and Guitar and has been invited for some concerts.

Career as an Actor and Singer

When he was just five years old, he began his career as a musician. Cameron participated in a lot of voice-overs, wrote poetry, and enjoyed going to the theatre where he discovered new things. He participated in a musical tour for Motown: The Musical as Barry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson as a musician. As a result of its success, the musical took home three trophies at the tenth NAACP Theatre Awards in 2016 and won four of them. He recently joined Nick Cannon’s NCredible Crazy Kids as lead singer and is getting ready to drop an album soon.

Parents Details

We don’t have much information about his father, and we only know that his mother’s name is Salesha. We don’t know their occupation and educational qualification. We’ll try to get latest updates on them and till then you can get to know the star life of their kid who at such an early age started his acting career and is loved by people all over the world.

Net Worth of Cameron J. Wright

His estimated net worth was around $18k USD till 2019. We don’t know his current net worth because it keeps getting fluctuated.

Educational Details of Cameron J. Wright

He has attended high school and is an undergraduate. We don’t have much information about his college and the degree he is pursuing. We’ll research about it and update soon.

Relationship Status

Cameron J. Wright is currently single. He still relies on his parents for support and prioritises his schooling. He hasn’t disclosed a girlfriend, and there are no details about his previous relationships.

Hobbies and Favorite Things

He loves to travel, and his favorite food is ice cream. He likes to go to amusement parks in his free time and he’s a fan of marvel movies. His favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. And favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson.

Social Media Presence

He can be seen active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can follow him on these platforms and subscribe his YouTube channel to see his music videos and know more about his professional and personal life, his daily activities, and much more.

Last Line

This is all we could find about the life and career of the famous child celebrity, Cameron J. Wright. However, there are no details about his mother Salesha anywhere on the internet. We’ll try to find about her and update it soon.