Donise David Barksdale Jr. Career, Family and More


Donise David Barksdale Jr. is the son of the American gangster, Donise David Barksdale who is also known as King David. Continue reading this article to know more about this famous personality and his son’s personal life, career and many more things related to him.

Who was Donise David Barksdale?

An American mobster and activist, Donise David Barksdale was from Chicago, Illinois. He is commonly referred to as King David and was born on May 24, 1947. He was the Black Disciples’ founder. Because he used to organize a free breakfast initiative for underprivileged kids in Englewood and marched in Marquette Park alongside Martin Luther King Jr., he was very much respected in the black community.

Early Life of David Barksdale

He was born to Virginia and Charlie Barksdale in Sallis, Mississippi. In 1957, his family emigrated to Chicago, Illinois. Barksdale rose to prominence as a gang leader in just three years. By 1966, Barksdale’s gang had acquired several other people, and the gang’s name changed to the Black Disciple Nation. The Black Disciples and other gangs, like the Black Stone Rangers, had a hostile relationship. He began to lead the Black Disciples into activism in the late 1960s by giving breakfast to schoolchildren and marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Marquette Park during the Chicago Freedom Movement. He was close friends with Fred Hampton and the Chicago Black Panther Party.

Cause of His Death

In a June 1970 incident, Black P Stone Rangers members brandishing M14 rifles attempted to kill Barksdale outside a club he frequently visited. Barksdale succumbed to kidney disease on September 2, 1974. A truce that had been in existence at the time was broken by the assassination attempt.  He was left behind by his wife Yvonne Barksdale, who was murdered three years later in June 1977, and his three children David, Melinda, and Ronnie Barksdale, one of whom was shot dead by a Gangster Disciples gang member in 1996.

Siblings of Donise David Barksdale Jr.

He had two siblings. Melinda Barksdale, his sister and Ronnie Barksdale was his brother. Little is known about their lives because they have a very tragic story. No one has ever tried to research more about their life, and we tried our best to find as much information as we can.

Partnership with the Black Gangster Nation

The brutality that Barksdale and other gang members frequently engaged in during their wars, however, was putting the survival of Chicago’s African American communities in danger by the middle of the 1960s. To prevent the frequent gang fights, he made the decision to form an alliance with Larry Hoover of the Black Gangster Nation. Hoover and Barksdale swapped as the gang’s leaders. However, they were unable to convince the Black Stone Rangers, the biggest gang in Chicago, to join their alliance, and gang warfare persisted due to this reason.


The tragic story of Donise David Barksdale and his family is still unknown to many people. In this article we’ve tried to gather as much information as we could to tell the world about this famous personality. If you liked this, stay connected with us to know about more such celebrities.