Roxie J’amie Pipino- Get to Know Her


Roxie J’amie Pipino is the daughter of American hairstylist Ric Pipino. She was born in November 2005; as of 2023, she is seventeen. Her mother is Jenne Lombardo, a businesswoman, and Roxie has two siblings, Bowie Vincent Pipino and Valentine Pipino.

Roxie spent quality time with her parents when she was young; she probably still does and also takes care of her younger siblings.

Educational Background

Roxie J’amie Pipino is still studying, and as of now, she is in high school in her senior year, though the name of the school is unknown. She has yet to choose something to work on in future, or maybe she might take after her father and become a hairdresser.

Her Father

Roxie’s father was married to Heidi Klum, a German-American model from 1997 to 2002, before marrying Jenne Lombardo. Despite her first marriage ending in divorce, they are still friends and on good terms. Their marriage was a traditional German wedding in Stone Ridge in New York.

There are rumours that Roxie’s parents have separated, with her mother thought to be bisexual. The couple is co-parenting in raising their children.

Ric Pipino’s Hair Dressing Career

Ric began his hairdressing career in his hometown Sydney in Australia, before moving to London. His sheer magic on hair set him aside from other hairdressers, and he was the most sought-after hairdresser. Given his unique style, Roxie’s father was featured in magazines such as Harper’s & Queen and British Vogue.

After working in the United Kingdom and achieving a lot of success, he moved to the United States and settled in New York City. He worked in the US for over 20 years, and his great work attracted many celebrities, photographers and fashion designers.

Ric Pipino settled well in New York City, making it his new home. He often showed up to New York and Miami fashion shows, working backstage. Roxie J’amie Pipino’s father opened a salon he named Pipino in Miami. He made good money from his business and decided to add another salon, Pipino Nolita, in New York, which he later renamed Melville Pipino Salon after partnering with Patrick Melville.

Roxie’s father seems to be doing well in the hairdressing business, having partnered with several brands, including Gurney’s, Allure, S. Pellegrino and LeSportsac. Ric partnered with Gil Haziza to launch Hairstream, the first luxury mobile salon.

Ric is currently based in Manhattan and Montauk but travels worldwide to attend to his clients. He was also looking to employ more people in his hair business.

Some of the celebrities that Roxie’s father has worked with include Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Banks, Lauren Nicole Miller, Chelsea Leyland, Diane Lane, Bridget Monahan, Bruce Weber and Christie Brinkley.

Social Media

Roxie J’amie Pipino is not active on social media platforms, but her father is; on Instagram, he has over 18k followers and likes to post pictures and videos of his work. Actress Natalie Martinez follows him, and there is a possibility they have worked together.