Who is Robert Edmund Burr?


Many people, especially those who love watching films and comedy, may know about Bill Burr. Bill Burr came into the limelight because of his career, which has drawn attention to his family. Robert Edmund Burr is the man behind Bill Burr’s success. Robert was a dentist by profession, and when his son showed interest in the entertainment industry, he supported him in all ways he could.

Bill Burr is among the six children born by Robert Edmund Burr, and because of his career, he has made Robert a proud father. Robert has never mentioned his net worth publicly, but records indicate he earned a good salary as a dentist, enabling him to enjoy a luxurious life.

Short Bio About Robert Edmund Burr

The celebrity father has tried to maintain a low profile despite his son being a celebrity, explaining why his birth year is unknown. It is believed that Robert is an American and went to school in America, helping him to gain skills as a dentist.

Although his education information has never been revealed, he is known to have married Linda Ann, a nurse. Robert’s wife also prefers a quiet life, explaining why they have ensured none of their details are shared on websites.

The lovely couple spent many years together, resulting in a beautiful family of six children. The family, comprised of five sons and one daughter, is proud to have two people in the entertainment industry as actors.

Apart from Robert Burr Jr and Bill Burr, all the other children of Robert Edmund Burr have kept a low profile, like their parents. Thus, it is unknown which career the other children are pursuing.

Bill Burr’s Career  

Bill Burr was born on June 10, 1968, as one of the sons of Robert Edmund. Bill Burr started working in Warehouses before he worked as a dental assistant.

He relocated to New York City in 1995, after which he began his comedy career. Bill started by posting comedy albums and specials, which helped him build his name as a comedian. Moreover, he has appeared in radio shows as a guest and other comedy podcasts, making him grow.

Besides being a comedian, Bill Burr has appeared in television films like Daddy’s Home, Walk of Shame, and Let It Go, among many others.

Bill Burr’s comedy albums have been featured on Netflix, enabling him to grow famous and earn more roles in major films. Moreover, it helped him to gain the chance to host a show on the radio.

Is Bill Burr Married?

Nia Renee Hill is Bill Burr’s partner in life, and they met in 2013 when they were shooting a comedy show. Nia Renee is a famous actress for her role in Lila and Long Distance.

After they met, they got attracted to each other and started seeing each other. It was love at first sight, and they have remained together for almost a decade.

In 2017, the couple announced they had welcomed two children, making them a family of four. However, details regarding their children have been kept confidential.