Rhys Edward McIntyre: Get to Know Him.


Rhys Edward McIntyre is the son of Joey McIntyre, an American actor and singer. He was born on December 13, 2009, to his parents, Joey and Barrett Williams. Rhys has two siblings, Griffin Thomas McIntyre and Kira Katherine McIntyre.

Rhys Edward was born with severe hearing loss, and his parents had to pay close attention to him. Things were easier for them with Griffin but not with Rhys. He uses hearing aids; his parents committed to helping others who had a similar issue with their son. Rhys’ parents were hopeful that their son would go for a cochlear implant and that maybe he could hear without using hearing aids.

Education and Family Time

Rhys Edward’s parents have not revealed much about his educational details. But he has not yet joined high school and is probably still in grade school.

Rhys and his parents and siblings like spending time together; for instance, they watch games together and go on vacations. Joey usually posts pictures of his family together on his Instagram page. Rhys’ older brother posts some pictures when they are having fun together.

His Father

Rhys Edward McIntyre’s father joined New Kids on the Block when he was 12. The band did well as two of their albums peaked at number one on the US Billboard charts. Despite New Kids on the Block’s success in the 1980s and 1990s, they split up in 1994.

After the band’s dissolution, Rhys Edward’s father decided to start songwriting as a solo artist. He also ventured into acting, featuring in his first film, The Fantasticks, in 1995, but the film was released in 2000. In his music career, Rhys Edward’s father could not sign a recording contract with any label, so he used his money to record his first album, Stay the Same.

In 2008, New Boys on the Block reunited and released Summertime a month later. They also released an album and went on a tour with Backstreet Boys in 2011. Joey McIntyre did not stop producing music as a solo artist, and he is doing well.

In acting, Joey McIntyre featured in Tick, Tock Boom, Boston Public, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Wicked, Happy Days, Psych, and Fuller House, among others.

In his personal life, Rhys’ father met Barrett in 2002, and they started dating; they married a year later and have been together for almost 20 years.

Social Media

Rhys Edward McIntyre is not on social media platforms, not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He is just like his mother, but in his case, it is because he is still young. However, his father and older brother are active on Instagram and like posting pictures and videos of themselves and their family.

Rhys Edward’s father has 484k followers on Instagram and has posted over a thousand times. He sometimes posts pictures of him with his son Rhys Edward McIntyre, mostly on his birthday and when they go out to have fun. Griffin, Rhys’ older brother, has over 46k followers and posted seventy-two times.