Everything You Need to Know About Rebecca McNamee-Croft


Rebecca McNamee-Croft is the mother of young Australian actress Teagan Croft. She is also a sister to actresses Jessica and Penny McNamee. Besides, she also has a sister and a younger brother, but little about them is known.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Rebecca McNamee is married to Tim Croft, and they have three daughters Sage, Aubrey, and actress Teagan Croft. Information on the date of the marriage has not been revealed on the internet, but the couple is deeply in love, as seen in the pictures Rebecca posts on her social pages.

Rebecca moved with her family from Australia to Chicago, USA, and she loves it there, as per the pictures and videos she shares on the internet.

Career and Net Worth

Rebeca McNamee is a film director, writer, and producer based in Chicago, but then she splits her time between her native country and Chicago. Rebecca co-founded Rattle Jack Films, which highlights the female voice. Some of the films she has written and produced include Woman of a Certain Sage and Bella and Bernie, which won an Audience Award and Judges Prize at the Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival.

Rebecca McNamee has worked as a writer and director at several theatres and production companies in Chicago. Given that she was exposed to the acting industry, she managed to bring her daughter into the picture.

Rebecca McNamee has been a director for a long time and must have raised enough money to meet her family’s daily needs.

Her Daughter

Rebecca’s daughter was born on April 23, 2004. Given her aunts’ success in acting, Teagan ventured into it as a child. She landed her first acting role in the play, To Kill a Mockingbird, where she portrayed Scout Finch. Two years later, she got the lead role of Indi Sommerville in The Osiris Child.

Teagan Croft’s other film credits include Home and Away and Titans, and she is featured in True Spirit, which will air in February 2023. Rebecca’s daughter identified herself as part of LGBT as she’s sexually attracted to ladies.

Rebecca’s Siblings

Among Rebecca’s siblings, Jessica and Penny are the most known, and they have worked together to ensure each of them succeeds in the entertainment industry. Jessica rose to fame when she portrayed Lisa Duffy in Home and Away and for her role as Theresa Kelly in Sirens.

Rebecca’s other sister Penny has appeared in several short films and television shows, including Careless Love, Elementary, See No Evil 2, The Pacific, White Collar Blue, and Home and Away. Rebecca’s other two siblings are unknown since they have avoided media attention.

Social Media

Rebecca McNamee gets a lot of media attention because of her daughter. She is trying to make it easier for her daughter’s fans and hers to know what is going on in her life; for that reason, she is active on social media, mainly on Instagram. Rebecca likes posting pictures of her beautiful family on her Instagram page. Her handle is @rebeccamcnameec.