Pickup Truck Accessories: How to Buy the Right One for Your Needs

Different people use various pickup trucks for different needs. Some like to use it for recreational purposes while most others use it as a commercial vehicle that is meant to be driven to jobsites. Depending on the type of use you have defined for yourself (commercial or personal or a bit of both), you can choose from a plethora of aftermarket pickup truck accessories.

Pickup truck accessories are crucial for your van because they provide you with multiple vital benefits. From proper space optimization to added security, high-quality accessories can prove to be key in improving the overall performance of your vehicle (and business).

There are thousands of pickup truck accessories to choose from, so how can you shortlist the ones that fit your needs the best? At American Van, a lot of our customers come to us for professional consultation to understand how they can find the perfect match for their unique needs.

To get you started on your journey to making your beloved beast as efficient as it can possibly be, let us take a look at some pickup truck accessories that we recommend for all fleet owners.

1. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are the rubber mats attached to the rear wheels of your vehicle. These flaps provide a great deal of protection against mud, dirt, and loose rocks. They are immensely useful in protecting your vehicle’s body from potential nicks and dents caused by gravel or stones. Additionally, they protect the cars behind you from dirty sprays on wet roads. Mud flaps are critical if your pickup truck is meant to be driven on rough terrain or if you move around a lot during the rainy season.

2. Tonneau Covers

Weather conditions are often unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage to your cargo if it is left exposed to natural elements. Tonneau covers do a fantastic job of protecting your cargo in such situations. There are various size, color, and shape options that you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Most modern tonneau covers also come with locks, thus effectively preventing theft, apart from damage control (weather, insects, mold, etc.). These covers are especially useful in the rainy season and are always ranked high on pickup truck accessories lists.

3. Tie-downs

If your cargo vehicle is not entirely covered, it is a great idea to invest in tie-down straps. These innocuous little things help in securing your cargo and doesn’t let it slide or slip out of the truck. We highly recommend ratchet tie-down straps in case you are carrying a lot of loose or heavy cargo. In the case of long, winding roads it is highly advisable to use extremely secure tie-downs. This not only helps in securing your cargo, but also useful in preventing potentially fatal accidents.

4. Toolbox

Toolboxes, and especially lockable toolboxes, are a must-have pickup truck accessory if you travel to remote areas or leave your vehicle unattended at night in isolated parking lots. Toolboxes are great for storing loose cargo, first aid kits, and vehicle repair tools. Locking toolboxes help in preventing avoiding loud clattering while your truck is in motion and serve as a great way fix your tools in position.

5. Cargo Nets

Whatever you need to deliver, cargo nets are always a great option to have at your disposal. Heavy-duty cargo nets are very easy to install and secure your cargo quite well. Light or heavy, small or bulky, any type of cargo can be easily secured with this amazing pickup truck accessory. Along with ease of installation, cargo nets are also quite affordable and provide a lot of value for your money.

6. Lights, Camera, Action!

LED lights in the interior of your cargo are a necessity today. Looking for your tools or cargo in dimly lit conditions can be quite frustrating and potentially unsafe, too. Adding some LED lighting strips to your truck can aid visibility. You can also opt for accessories like cameras if you think you need them as backup in case of potential break-ins.

7. Ladder Rack

Pickup truck ladder racks are key when it comes to space utilization. Ladder racks help you store your ladders and bulky cargo optimally. Ladder racks help in storing your cargo on the roof of the truck in a safe and secure manner. They also prevent any scrapes or dents that could occur when stowing your cargo.

8. Ramps

Loading ramps are especially useful when you are carrying heavy cargo like bikes, lawnmowers, or construction equipment. The height of a typical pickup truck bed can make loading and unloading awkward cargo tricky. Loading ramps are strong and sturdy and can be easily folded up so they don’t take up too much space either.

9. Bed Liner

Your bed is prone to a lot of damage over a period of time. In case of heavy and sharp cargo, the bed can be heavily scratched or dented. Bed liners make for an excellent cover for your truck bed thus saving it from this wear and tear. Extremely easy to install and quite affordable, they are one of the simplest yet useful pickup truck accessories that you must consider installing.

10. Safety Accessories

In case of emergencies, it is vital to have all kinds of backup and safety accessories. From high visibility jackets to protective gear for your eyes, safety cones, and lights – all these pickup truck accessories are a must-have in any and every situation. Be it a flat tire or an engine breakdown, these accessories help you in creating a safe space.

Apart from all these accessories, tie-down anchors, bed lighting, storage boxes, and document holders can also be great additions to your pickup trucks.

With a wide array of pickup truck accessories to suit every need, thousands of patrons trust American Van to upgrade their vehicles. Check out our online catalog and order online today!