6 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2023

“New year, new me!” Do you count yourself among those who like to find fresh motivation to add a new dimension to your personality every year? The change could begin with your habits and rituals, and extend to external aspects of your personality, like the clothes and jewelry you wear! For couples who are about to tie the knot, 2023 brings you a fresh set of trends to inspire you if you are on the lookout for contemporary engagement rings.

There is no pressure to follow engagement ring trends or to buy a luxury engagement ring.On the contrary, we believe that an engagement is (and should be) very personal to you and your partner. However, it is always fun to keep a pulse on what is “in” today. Choosing a diamond engagement ring that is right for you is as challenging as it gets. Most base their decision on gut instinct, what is available on the market, their budgets, and of course, the latest engagement ring trends.

Young people put their hearts and souls and a lot of thought into selecting the perfect engagement ring for their partners. Spectacular gemstones and meaningful stories behind design choices have all been common themes for A.JAFFE customers in the past. Prevalent classic engagement ring trends tend to move on a slower, subtler track, but with a new era come an interesting shift in trends.

That is exactly why the experts at A.JAFFE have put together six important engagement ring trends to watch for in 2023.

1. Taking the road less traveled

Traditional engagement rings are quite popular, but many young people are becoming more adventurous with their choices. This has led to a rise in unique ring styles. Take art deco engagement rings, for example. Art Deco describes the epic fashion era from the early 1910s through the late 1930s. Today, people want something that does not have a typically conventional connotation; case in point – the good old solitaire ring. Today’s youth demand something that not only complements their other jewelry and general style, but also makes a bold statement. These days, people crave out-of-the-ordinary pieces that they can connect with on a deeper level. It is about finding something truly special and the joy of discovering something that is distinctly personal to you. Vintage art deco engagement rings have been regaining popularity for this very reason!

2. Vivid colors and shapes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. However, they are not the only BFFs. There is a steadily growing interest in timeless and elegant cuts, fancy shapes, oval and emerald cuts, and colorful gemstones as well. We are likely to see many more eye-catching multi-stone rings in 2023 and beyond. With the arrival of 2023, multi-cut side stones such as half-moons, trapezoids, baguettes, and hearts on either side of a colored stone have taken center stage. People today do not mind being a little playful with their jewelry. There is a lot of appeal in colored gemstones because each stone has its own set of unique characteristics. Since no two colored gemstones are alike, these make excellent choices for meaningful, personal jewelry.

3. Go bold or go home!

The pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction from the trend of dainty, delicate rings, which have been in fashion since forever. Since 2022, bold pieces have been growing in popularity. We noticed this when metal-heavy chunky settings and bold gemstones were requested by many of our customers. This shift in trends will continue in 2023. Modern-day brides and grooms will double down on that by adding cigar bands and other statement-making wedding bands to their bridal sets. So, what is your poison?

4. Unconventional is the way to go

Engagement ring bands fall into three categories: gold, rose gold, and silver. However, that may change this year. Luxury rings do not have to fit the usual category for brides and grooms who want to make a big statement about their love story. A fearless ring with a non-conventional design will reign supreme in 2023. This trend ties perfectly well with trends #2 and #3 above – unconventional is the order of the day!

5. Classics never die

Sometimes, it pays to be simple. The classic single stone ring remains a favored choice among old and new couples alike. The radiant round diamond is still the most sought-after cut at A.JAFFE. The sleek and seamless metal band has never been more popular. We have also noticed a massive demand for larger center stones with higher carat value and clarity, set on pure gold rings or bands that are finished with hammering, dripping, and sculpting.

6. Do you fancy some smiling flowers on your ring finger?

Floral engagement rings are a timeless trend that is a leading design going into and beyond 2023 as well. Detailed yet simple, floral patterns elevate the look of your engagement ring to an entirely new level of femininity. Smiling rocks have introduced a new trend of floral motifs in our engagement ring categories, with the center always remaining our lab-grown, round diamonds. Their design incorporates blooming petite petals spreading from the sides of the center stone, making for an exquisite, eternal style that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.


AJAFEE was born in 1892. For over 130 years, the brand has been the go-to avenue for people who seek quality, reliability, and masterful craftsmanship in their engagement rings and wedding bands. Whether you prefer old school or contemporary ring designs that mirror the latest trends, you can find it all right here at A.JAFFE. Browse through the entire range of A.JAFFE jewelry online or shop our exquisite collection at an exclusive A.JAFFE retailer near you!