Owen Strausser Wyle, All Things About Owen

Owen Strausser Wyle

Noah Wyle has had a rather interesting life. He was married once, to Tracy Warbin for 12 years before they divorced in 2010 with two children together – Owen Strausser (who currently lives with his mother) and Auden .

Even though the Wyle children were only toddlers when the parents divorced, they still took it positivity without showing any side-affects. They still share grin and happiness with each other despite spending time apart from one another. Nothing substantial is know about the ustody arrangements however, neither child seems too badly affected by at this point. Infact on Owen’s 16th birthday, Noah’s instagram fan page share lovely movements that were treat for the fans to watch.


When Owen and Auden were children, their father’s had always put them under limelight. They first became known to photographers when they accompanied him at premiere for Despicable Me back 2010; since then it’s been spotted with parents on several occasions! Despite finally divorcing after being together so long ago (and having custody battles), these two did everything possible not just because that would’ve been “normal” but also what’s best – raising kids alone is no easy task especially during such trying times.

Childrens Wonderful Bond

It is clear that even after the divorce, Auden and Owen still see their father. Noah Wyle’s adorable kids have a wonderful bond with Sara Wells. They are sometime seen together indicating that all seems well within this family structure after such separation. Despite not being present much for his younger half-sister Frances’ sake we’re sure she’ll be just fine without him around either way.

Frances Harper Wyle is the daughter from current wife, Sara Wells. The two children are in their mid-teens (most likely a senior) with only few appearances from them lately due to what appears as if they want to avoid any skeptical comments about how much attention this might receive by people who do not know all related details yet or simply don’t care enough.

Name Meaning : Auden Wyle and Owen Strausser Wyle

The meaning of the name is interesting, Auden comes from a Old English word which means old friend or protector while Owen translates to “ young warrior.” The Strausser surname originates in Wales and means “well born.”