Norma Arica Marshall’s Personal life,Children,and Net worth

Norma Arica Marshall, the person today we are going to talk about, has already died but her name is still alive because of her famous son, Thurgood Marshall, who was an American civil rights lawyer and jurist. He is also no more but is hugely popular.

Here, let us unfurl the details about Norma Arica Marshall including her childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, children, love life, age, net worth, earnings, death, and many other personal life details of Norma Arica Marshall.

Personal life

Norma Arica Marshall was born on 13 August 1885 in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA to Isaiah O.B. Williams and Mary E Fossett Williams. She was American by nationality while she has never revealed anything about her religious views.

If you talk about her married life, the gorgeous lady had a successful married life with William Canfield Marshall. The couple got married in 1905 and remained together till the death of the husband of Norma Arica Marshall in 1948. Almost 13 years after the death of her husband, Norma Arica Marshall died in 1961 in New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA.

Parents and siblings

Norma Arica Marshall was one of five kids of her parents, Isaiah O.B. Williams and Mary E Fossett Williams. Besides the names, you will hardly find any confirmed information on the personal as well as professional lives of her parents. If you talk about the siblings of Norma Arica Marshall she had four siblings and their names were Avon Nyanza Williams, Denmeadia S Williams Dodson, Fearless Mentor Williams, and Ravine S Williams. All of her siblings are dead today.


The successful married life of Norma Arica Marshall gave her the pleasure of becoming the mother of two lovely kids and their names were William Aubrey Marshall and Thurgood Marshall. Her son, Thurgood Marshall, earned huge popularity and success in the world.

Education and profession 

With the fact that Norma Arica Marshall herself has not revealed any details regarding her personal life, nothing can be said about her education. However, we do believe that Norma Arica Marshall had received a good education in her life because she was a schoolteacher by profession.

Reason for the popularity of Norma Arica Marshall

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Norma Arica Marshall is her son, Thurgood Marshall, who was a successful civil rights lawyer and jurist in America. Norma Arica Marshall is known even today only because of him.

Net worth of Norma Arica Marshall

With the fact that Norma Arica Marshall was a schoolteacher, it can be said that she must have earned good money in her life, not a massive amount of though. We are not sure about the early life of Norma Arica Marshall but she definitely enjoyed a luxurious life in her later years because of her son, Thurgood Marshall, who had an estimated net worth of around 3 million when he died in 1993.


Not every mother gets popularity because of their kids. It won’t be wrong to say that Norma Arica Marshall is definitely a proud mother, who is known because of her son.