Millie Wiggins Bruce’s Personal life,Parents and siblings, and Children

Millie Wiggins Bruce was a celebrity spouse, who grabbed public eyeballs when she got married to American legendary professional boxer Sugar Ray Robinson. Today, Millie Wiggins Bruce as well as her husband are dead but their names are still alive and the reason for that is the legacy of her husband.

Today, we are here to talk about the life details of Millie Wiggins Bruce including her childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, siblings, children, married life, age, and death.

Personal life

Millie Wiggins Bruce was born on 26 January 1918 in Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia, USA, as the loving daughter of Alonzo Wiggins and Anna Blackshear Wiggins. Millie Wiggins Bruce was American by nationality and she never bothered to disclose her religious views. If you talk about her personal life, the lady had a happy and successful married life.

She got married to American professional boxer Sugar Ray Robinson in 1965 and remained together with him till his death in 1989. After the death of her husband, Millie Wiggins Bruce also could not live long and died in 1995 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Parents and siblings

Her parents, Alonzo Wiggins and Anna Blackshear Wiggins, had 5 kids including Millie Wiggins Bruce. The names of the siblings of Millie Wiggins Bruce are Thomas A. Wiggins, Mamie Wiggins Anderson, Nonie F Wiggins, and Annie Kathryn Wiggins Johnson. When the parents of Millie Wiggins Bruce actually got married is not known. If you talk about the professions, there is no information available regarding that either.


Millie Wiggins Bruce definitely had a successful married life. However, details regarding her children are not known to the public. Neither Millie Wiggins Bruce nor her celebrity husband ever disclosed any details regarding that.

Education and profession

With the fact that Millie Wiggins Bruce became popular only after getting married to American boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson, her educational background never got discussed in the public. This is the reason that you will not find any details regarding that. The same goes for the professional life of Millie Wiggins Bruce as well. She never spilled any beans regarding her profession.

Reason for the popularity of Millie Wiggins Bruce

Being the wife of such a renowned professional boxer is the only reason for the popularity of Millie Wiggins Bruce. She garnered public attention when she married him and also became a reason for news headlines when her celebrity husband died.

Net worth of Millie Wiggins Bruce

With the fact that the professional details of Millie Wiggins Bruce are not known to the public, how can you figure out her exact net worth? Regardless of the fact of how much money she had in her life, she enjoyed a good and luxurious life because her husband, Sugar Ray Robinson, has accumulated a staggering amount of money in his life. He was expected to have 500 thousand when he died in 1989.


Being popular in the world is not a small thing. We must say that Millie Wiggins Bruce was a fortunate lady who had a happy married life and also gained significant stardom in the world.