An Insight Into Nina Malek Inman Rawls Personal Life

Nina Malek Inman Rawls

Nina Malek is just a flight attendant and is working for Continental Airlines, also known as the widow of a famous musician or a singer. Even though there isn’t much revealed about her, she is still aware of the way she gets remembered by the people and die-hard fans of Lou Rawls.

Her Connections

She was the third wife of Lou Rawls and had four children. One of her son’s names is Aiden Allen Rawls.

Personal Information

Nina and Louis had known each other for over more than five years. In the year 2003, Louis got into trouble and got arrested. Immediately after that, he was diagnosed with brain cancer which led him to his death. Before that, Louis and Nina decided to get married on 1 Jn 2004. But a year, he filed an application in front of authorities to consider his marriage invalid.

Nina Malek Siblings

Nina Malek had two brothers: Luke W. Rawls and the other one whose name is not known.

Her Married Life

It is stiff to say anything about her current marital status; whether she is in an affair, single, or married, nothing has been disclosed. The only information available about her is that she was married to the most famous American singer and musician, Low Rawls. And finally, they decided to commit to each other on New Year’s Day for the rest of their lives.

Social Media Availability

Although Nina Malek’s account profile can be easily found online, she hasn’t posted much there, so people can’t say much about her social media life.

Her Personality and Features

Nina is tall, charming, and attractive. She has a liking for helping people and taking care of them. This was the main reason Louis got attracted to her. None of his wives were with him, so he needed someone who could understand him pretty much well and take care of him.


Nina is accused of having a fake relationship with Louis. Whatever she did was just for money. Further, many people witnessed a family scuffle between Louis, Nina, and her daughter Louanna. Also, Nina claims that her daughter Louanna took all the belongings of her father, including his awards and engagement ring, without anyone’s consent. On the contrary, Louanna accused her mother, Nina, of mistreating her father and leading him to death. To which Nina replied she always wanted Louis to make her happy and wanted nothing else from him.

Net Worth

Nina Malek’s net worth is unavailable as there is no such information regarding this online. But as she was married to a famous musician and singer who had a net worth of $10 million, one can assume that Nina holds at least some million.


There’s lacking information in the internet about her, which makes it really impossible to gather accurate details and facts. As a result, it’s almost impossible for people to come up with factual statements revealing much about her life. One primary reason for that could be perhaps she doesn’t want to disclose much about her life.