James Westley Welch Personal Life, Net Worth & More

James Westley Welch

James Westley Welch is such a personality in whom no one was interested when he was alive. But now the table has turned, and people have become more curious to know about who James Westley Welch was. Everyone gets to know James Westley Welch as the ex-husband of the most popular American actress, Raquel Welch. But apart from this identification, he also had some perks which the readers will get to know as they will move forward to glance at this article.

James Westley Welch’s Birth and early life

On 29th January 1937 at Pike, Missouri. In his early life, James started his life as a tuna fisherman, and later, he turned up as a publicist and agent. James used to work with several unknown companies by helping them with editions and other endeavors. Nonetheless, a change in his life happened when he tied the knot with Raquel.

James and Raquel’s Family

As people say, he was a handsome man. His love story with Raquel when both were fifteen years old. Within a year of courtship, both of them got married in 1959. As time enacts, they extend their family by having two kids named Tahnee Welch and Damon Welch. However, their happy family frame didn’t last for too long. Both James and Raquel had different ambitions in their lives, which provoked them to move apart from each other. On 6th November 1959, Raquel gave birth to their boy, and just after two years, their daughter arrived to put extra stars in their lives. James’ daughter, Tahnee Welch, has followed in the footsteps of her mother and is a well-known American model and actress.

Something about James Westley Welch’s ex-wife

It is known to everyone that James Westley Welch was married to Raquel Welch, who was a well-established actress in the American entertainment industry. Her work was so magical that within a very short period, Raquel gained popularity. Raquel’s incredible works have also helped her to acquire awards in different sectors. Her way of portraying a character left everyone astonished, which helped her to come across a deal with 20th Century Fox.

James Westley Welch’s death

After so much hardship and hurdles in life, James took his last breath on 23rd November 2019.

James Westley Welch’s Total Net Worth

As James Westley Welch was married to a famous American actress, people thought of him to be a rich brat. But the truth is something different, James Westley Welch’s net worth of $40 million. According to sources, it is revealed that this sum of money was made by James by putting all his hard work and enthusiasm.


This is all about James Westley Welch. Hopefully, this content will help the reader to gain some correct information about James Westley Welch. He can be termed as a man who has tried to obtain anything in life through his willpower. Everyone remembers him as Raquel Welch’s ex-husband, but eventually, the man had his own identity from the very beginning.