All About Veteran TV Host Bob Baker’s Mother, Matilda Kent Tarleton


Matilda Kent Tarleton was the mother of retired American television personality Bob Baker. She was born on October 18, 1897, to her parents, Mary Elizabeth Kent and Robert Eckler Tarleton, in Durham, New York City, USA.

Matilda married Byron John Barker, a foreman on a high electrical line in Washington. The two were blessed with one child Bob Baker. Matilda was a school teacher who taught at the school where her young son was studying, Rosebud Reservation.

Her Son

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son was still a student at Drury College when he landed his first media job. He worked on KTTS-FM radio, and one time while on air, producer Ralph Edwards was listening to him, and he liked his voice; luckily, he was looking for someone to host Truth or Consequences show

In 1956, Matilda’s son started hosting the game show and was the host for nearly two decades. Bob started hosting The Price is Right in 1972 until his retirement in June 2007. However, he made guest appearances on the show.

Bob’s Health

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s son has been struggling with his health for some time now. In 1999, while testifying before Congress, he felt ill and was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where a carotid endarterectomy was performed to remove a blockage from his carotid artery.

In 2002, Bob suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for a while before undergoing prostate surgery. Matilda’s son also had an issue with skin cancer, he consulted his dermatologist, and it was contained. While hosting his show, he urged listeners and viewers to see a dermatologist at least once a year.

In 2015, police officers walking by Bob’s home saw him fall, and they called an ambulance; he was taken to the hospital, where he was attended to.

Law Suits Filed Against Matilda’s Son

Former model and actress Dian Parkinson filed a lawsuit in 1994, claiming Bob Baker sexually harassed her while working on The Price is Right. However, weeks later, the model dropped the case. Holly Hallstrom was fired from The Price is Right, then filed a lawsuit claiming that the reason for her firing was for not siding with Bob on his case against Dian.

An employee of The Price Is Right also filed a lawsuit against Baker in 2007, claiming that he, along with the show’s producers, had made it tough for African-American employees to work on the show, which is why she left her job. However, the lawsuit was dismissed, and the employee returned to work.

The Net Worth of Bob Barker

Matilda’s son started working in the media industry in the 1950s. He worked on both radio and television, with his television career spanning over 50 years. Bob has made wealth throughout his career, estimated to be 70 million U.S. dollars.


Matilda Kent Tarleton died in Los Angeles, California, on February 28, 1989, aged 91. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.