Mary Grace Slattery, Personal Life and Net Worth


Some people work hard to make their name and to be remembered after their death, while some are fortunate enough to be remembered because of their family members. Mary Grace Slattery is one such person, who falls into the second category. Today, she is best known for being the ex-wife of American playwright and screenwriter, Arthur Miller. Here, we will cover all the details about Mary Grace Slattery.

So, get into the details and find out all about Mary Grace Slattery including her childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, children, love life, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life

Mary Grace Slattery was born on 4th June 1915 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA to Matthew Thomas Slattery and Julia S. Seidel. This is the only confirmed information available about the early life of Mary Grace Slattery. If you talk about her love life, she married her college-time sweetheart Arthur Asher Miller in 1940 and the couple remained together for the next 16 years. After being together for such a long time, they decided to separate in 1956.

After that, her husband got involved in another romantic relationship. However, there is no information available about the second marriage or romantic relationship of Mary Grace Slattery. After living a long life for around 93 years, Mary Grace Slattery bid adieu to the world in 2008 in Laguna Beach, Orange, California, USA.

Parents and siblings

With the fact that not much information is available about the family background of Mary Grace Slattery, nothing much is available about her parents as well as siblings. The only known thing about her parents is their names and you already know that they are Matthew Thomas Slattery and Julia S. Seidel.


Although Mary Grace Slattery ended up with a divorce in her married life, she became the mother of two kids through her marriage. The names of her children are Boy Miller and Charles Miller.

Education and profession

With the fact that the personal life of Mary Grace Slattery is not much public, the names of her school and college are not known. Plus, there is no information on the profession of Mary Grace Slattery either.

Reason for the popularity of Mary Grace Slattery

Well, Mary Grace Slattery grabbed public attention when she married Arthur Miller, who was a famous American playwright and screenwriter. Her divorce also landed her in the news headlines.

Net worth of Mary Grace Slattery

With the fact that the profession of Mary Grace Slattery is unknown to the public, estimating her net worth is not possible either. Since she has spent a major part of her life with her ex-husband Arthur Miller, who was a millionaire man, it is pretty sure that the lady has lived a Queen-like life. At the time of his death, her ex-husband had an estimated net worth of around 10 million.


Despite doing nothing significant, Mary Grace Slattery enjoyed luxurious life and a good level of popularity.  This is what happens when you get married to a celebrity.