Liba Trejbal, Personal Life and Net Worth

Liba Trejbal is a popular celebrity ex-spouse as well as a celebrity mother. She is best known for being the ex-wife of American financier Carl Icahn and the mother of American businessman and investor Brett Icahn. Today, we tried to find out the life details of Liba Trejbal and we found some interesting information.

So, let’s go further together and know the life details such as early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other details about Liba Trejbal.

Personal life

With the fact that Liba Trejbal is mainly known because of her ex-husband and son, there is no information available about her early life. Neither the names of her parents nor her exact date of birth, nothing is known. As for her nationality, she is a Czechoslovakian. Coming to her personal life, Liba Trejbal was married to Carl Icahn from 1979 to 1999. What was the reason for their divorce after being together for 20 years is not known even today. After this marriage, whether Liba Trejbal got involved in any other romantic relationships is not known either.

Parents and siblings

As we said earlier, there is not at all any information available on the parents as well as siblings of Liba Trejbal. Despite the fact that Liba Trejbal was quite popular when she was married to Carl Icahn, she never revealed anything regarding her family background.


Through her 20 years long marriage with Carl Icahn, Liba Trejbal became a proud mother of one son named Brett Icahn, who was born in 1979 and is today a successful businessman and investor.

Education and profession

Like the family background of Liba Trejbal, her education is also a mystery to the public. If you talk about her profession, she was a professional ballet dancer at a young age. However, after her marriage, she focused more on her personal life, so her professional life was left behind.

Reason for the popularity of Liba Trejbal

It’s the ex-husband and son of Liba Trejbal who make her popular today. At first, she grabbed public attention when she got married to famous American financier Carl Icahn. Today, she is best known because of her son, Brett Icahn. Though neither of the men hardly talks about Liba Trejbal publicly, she is still popular because of them.

Net worth of Liba Trejbal

Considering the fact that Liba Trejbal was a ballet dancer at a young age, we assume that she must have earned good money at a young age. Since she could not pursue her career much longer, she might not have been able to amass huge money. However, the lady is still enjoying a luxurious life today. All thanks to her son, Brett Icahn, who holds an estimated net worth of around 10 million.


Liba Trejbal probably did not pursue her professional career after her marriage and the birth of her son. We must say she is a truly dedicated wife and mother because sacrificing your dreams for someone is not so easy.