Margeaux Morial, Personal Life and Net Worth


Margeaux Morial is a celebrity daughter who is being showered by the love of people because of her celebrity parents, Marc H. Morial and Michelle Miller, who both are prominent personalities and hold successful careers.

Today, we will tell you everything about Margeaux Morial. Just get into the details and you will find the information about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, and all other details about Margeaux Morial.

Personal life

Margeaux Morial was born in 2005 to American couple Marc H. Morial and Michelle Miller. This is the only confirmed information about the childhood of Margeaux Morial.

Right now, the young girl is 18 years old. Given this fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the gorgeous girl might be dating someone. However, she is a beauty with brains because she has not let any details come out regarding her love life.

Parents and siblings

Margeaux Morial is the youngest of two children of Marc H. Morial and Michelle Miller, who has been enjoying a happy married life since 1999. Other than Margeaux Morial, they have one more child and the name of the elder brother of Margeaux Morial is Mason Morial, who was born in 2001.

Apart from one real brother, Margeaux Morial also has one step-sibling from her father.

Speaking of professions, both of her parents are prominent personalities. The father of Margeaux Morial is an American politician and known to be the former mayor of New Orleans. As for her mother, she is a national correspondent for CBS News


Well,  Margeaux Morial is just 18 years old right now. Given the fact, she does not have any kids.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life of Margeaux Morial that is kept away from the eyes of the public but nothing is available about her educational background either. Considering her age, you can say that she must be done with schooling and has already started her graduation.

If you are curious about the profession of Margeaux Morial, let us tell you that she is not professionally active yet.

Reason for the popularity of Margeaux Morial

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Margeaux Morial is her parents, who both are renowned personalities and have earned a great level of popularity as well.

Net worth of Margeaux Morial

The 18-year-old young girl does not have any net worth as of now, because she doesn’t have any profession. However, it does not mean that she has to compromise her lifestyle.

Being the daughter of celebrity parents, she is blessed with a privileged life. As of 2023, her mother alone holds a staggering net worth of around 5 million.


Being a celebrity daughter, Margeaux Morial knows very well how to handle the media and react in front of a camera. You can say she is all prepared to deal with the glamour of the showbiz world. It would be interesting to see whether or not she steps into that world.