Legend Truth Jennings, Personal Life and Net Worth


If you are a true basketball fan, you must have heard the name of Legend Truth Jennings at least once because his father is a great basketball player and he always talks about his family openly in the media. To tell you clearly, Legend Truth Jennings is the son of American former NBA player, Brandon Jennings.

Today, we will talk everything in detail about Legend Truth Jennings including his early life, childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, earnings, net worth, and many other such details that have never got public attention.

Personal life

Legend Truth Jennings was born in 2010 in the USA to Brandon Jennings and Sakoya Wynter. Like his parents, Legend Truth Jennings folds American nationality and probably follows Christianity when it comes to his religious views.

Despite being a celebrity child, Legend Truth Jennings could not have a very happy and loving childhood because his parents separated when he was a little child.

If you talk about the love life of Legend Truth Jennings, he is just 12 years old right now. Given this fact, there is hardly any chance that he would be involved in any serious romantic love affair.

Parents and siblings

Legend Truth Jennings is the only son of Brandon Jennings and Sakoya Wynter, who probably never got married. They met in 2009 and remained in a relationship for only a couple of years because, after the birth of Legend Truth Jennings in 2010, they separated.

On the professional front, you already know that the father of Legend Truth Jennings is a former NBA player. On the other hand,  the mother of Legend Truth Jennings is a music artist.

If you are curious about the siblings of Legend Truth Jennings, there is not any information available about that. So, we believe that he doesn’t have any siblings.


Well, Legend Truth Jennings does not have any kids right now because he himself is a young boy of just 12 years old.

Education and profession

The father of Legend Truth Jennings doesn’t want the media and the public to invade his privacy and this is the reason that the information related to the education of Legend Truth Jennings remains a mystery only.

If we make an assumption, we can say that Legend Truth Jennings would be in the middle class today, as he is 12 years old. As for his profession, this is obviously not the age to have a profession.

Reason for the popularity of Legend Truth Jennings

Hands down, the main reason for the popularity of Legend Truth Jennings is his father, Brandon Jennings. However, the stardom of his mother, Sakoya Wynter, has also helped him to become popular.

Net worth of Legend Truth Jennings

You obviously can’t expect a 12-year-old boy to have a net worth. Do you? Well, the same goes for Legend Truth Jennings. He does not have any net worth.

Right now, he is just enjoying the money of his father, Brandon Jennings,  who has earned a whopping net worth of around 20 million.


Unlike his father, Legend Truth Jennings always remains away from the eyes of the public as well as the media. He is rarely spotted and this is the reason that not much is available about his personal life.