Everything to Learn About Maimiti Brando


Maimiti Brando is the adoptive daughter of American actor Marlon Brando. Her mother is Tarita, Marlon’s third wife. Maimiti’s father was a dad to 11 eleven children from his three marriages and one love affair. Eight of the eleven children are biological kids, while three are adopted.

Personal Life and Professional Career

Maimiti Brando has kept a low profile since she does not like publicity. Despite the media attention her family has pulled, starting from her brother’s issues with the law and her sister’s struggle with mental health issues and suicide, Maimiti has stayed behind the cameras.

It is unclear if Miamiti Brando is married and if she has children. But she is an aunt through her older brothers and sisters. She has kept details of her career away from the public, but she took a different job from her father and siblings.

Maimiti’s Siblings

Most of Maimiti Brando’s siblings pursued careers in the entertainment industry. For instance, her eldest brother Christian Brando was an actor, and some of his film credits include The Secret Life of an American Wife, and I Love You. Christian Brando was admitted to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center two weeks before his death. He died from pneumonia complications on January 26, 2008, at age 49.

Maimiti’s sister Cheyenne Brando was a model, but she committed suicide when she was 25 years old and at the peak of her modeling career. Maimiti’s other siblings don’t like publicity and have stayed away from the public, with little about them known.

The Criminal Record of Her Brother Christian

Maimiti’s older brother Christain Brando shot and killed Dag Drollet, his sister’s boyfriend. Christian and Cheyenne had dinner in a restaurant, where she told him his boyfriend was abusive to her. Later that evening, when they had returned home, Christian met Dag, who was visiting, and shot him.

During the trial, Maimiti’s brother admitted to shooting Dag but said he was drunk and did not intend to kill him. He also mentioned that they were fighting over the gun when it went off. Christian was sentenced to five years in prison with his father’s intervention.

Maimiti Brando’s brother had a romantic relationship with Bonny Lee Bakley; her husband claimed that Christian intended to kill her. Due to his behavior regarding the case, he was charged with contempt of court. His wife, Deborah, also accused Christian Brando of spousal abuse; he pleaded no contest and was put on probation.

Maimiti Brando’s Father and His Death

Marlon Brando’s acting career was one of a kind; he was considered one of the best actors of his career, which spanned over 60 years. He received several accolades throughout that period, including Golden Globe Awards and Academy awards, which he won twice. Maimiti’s father’s life was all around; he experienced everything one can experience.

Maimiti Brando’s father was suffering from several illnesses before his death. He was hospitalized in a Los Angeles hospital, where he died of pneumonia on July 1, 2004. Marlon was 80 years old when he died; his legacy remains even after his death.