Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage’s Grandfather, Parents and Siblings


Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage is the grandson of American actor Nicolas Cage. His parents are Weston Cage, Nicolas’s son, and his mother is Danielle Cage. He was born on July 1, 2014, and has a younger sibling born in 2016. Lucian also has two half-siblings from his father’s side. Weston Cage was 23 years old when Lucian was born.

Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage, now eight years old, is in grade school, probably in an excellent private school. His grandfather was overjoyed with the birth of Lucia as he was his first grandchild since three of his children’s marriages had ended in divorce without yielding a child.

His Parents

Lucian’s father has been married three times and divorced twice. He first married Nikki Williams, but their marriage ended too soon, and they were not blessed with any children. Weston then married Lucian’s mother and divorced her when their son was two. At the time of their divorce, Lucian knew nothing as they spent time together with him.

After divorcing Danielle, Lucian’s father married Hila Aronian though it is unclear if they are still together. On the other hand, Danielle went on with her life as she was co-parents with Weston Cage.

Weston’s Career

Like his father, Weston is an actor. He is also a music producer, mixed martial artist, and recording artist. His projects as an actor include D-Day, Get Gone, and 211. Lucian’s father has done several songs in his music career, but he has yet to release an album. Weston is part of the Coppola family, and Lucian was a great addition to it, and maybe someday, he will continue with the family’s legacy.

Lucian’s Grandfather

Born in a family of actors, Nicolas Cage started his acting career in 1981 when he was featured in The Best of Times. Two years later, Lucian’s grandfather starred in the romantic comedy Valley Girl alongside Debora Foreman. Nicolas achieved critical success in the acting industry came in 1995 when he portrayed a criminal kingpin in the film Kiss of Death.

Still, in the same year, Nicolas Cage appeared in the drama Leaving Las Vegas; for his acclaimed performance in the film, he won two awards, a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for Best Actor.

In 2004, Lucian’s grandfather played an eccentric historian in the movie National Treasure; his performance was highly praised, and it is his second highest-grossing film. Nicolas Cage’s style of acting is unique and has been well-received throughout his career, achieving a lot of success.

In his personal life, Lucian’s grandfather has been married five times, with four of those marriages ending in divorce; maybe his son Weston is also learning from his dad because he has been married thrice and divorced twice so far.

Lucian’s Grandfather’s Net Worth

Nicolas Cage has been in the acting industry for over four decades, and throughout that time, he has achieved great success and has won several awards. Lucian’s grandfather has a net worth of 25 million dollars; he created wealth through his successful acting career.