Lucrecia Quaglia- Get to Know Her

Lucrecia Quaglia is the daughter of Colombian actress Ana Maria Orozco and her ex-husband Martin Quaglia. She was born on June 11, 2004, in Bogota, Colombia. Lucrecia has one younger sibling, a sister named Mia Quaglia.

Education, Personal Life, and Other Interests

Lucrecia Quaglia has not revealed information regarding her education, but given her age, she is probably done with high school. Regarding her personal life, she probably has a boyfriend, but she is too young to be married and still focusing on her college studies.

Lucrecia Quaglia is a musical artist. She decided to choose something different from her mother, but maybe she is inspired by her father, who is a musician. You can find her music on Sound Cloud. Lucrecia is also part of a band called Sala de Maquinas and often performs with the group.

Her Parents’ Personal Life

Lucrecia’s parents dated for a while before making things official between them. They exchanged their wedding vows a year after their daughter Lucrecia Quaglia was born. The couple ended their marriage in 2013. Before marrying Martin, Lucrecia’s mother was married to actor Julian Arango, but their marriage was short-lived as they divorced after just ten months.

After their divorce, Ana Maria Orozco started dating Maximiliano, but they are yet to get married. Little is known about Lucrecia’s father’s romantic life after the divorce.

About Lucrecia’s Mother’s Career

Lucrecia’s mother was born to actor Luis Fernando Orozco, and she was introduced to the acting industry when she was young, barely a year old. However, her impactful role came in 1983 when she appeared in Pequenos Gigantes.

In her acting career, Ana Maria Orozco has appeared in several telenovelas and television shows. She portrayed the ugly Beatriz Aurora Pinzon Solano in Yo soy Betty, la fea. Her performance and portrayal of the character in the show inspired many other versions, including America’s Ugly Betty.

In 1998, Lucrecia’s mother was featured as Veronica Murillo in the telenovela Perro Amor and Marilina Mendoza in Simona. Lucrecia’s mother also appeared in Amas de Casa Desesperadas 1 and 2, an Italian version of Desperate Housewives. Ana Maria has movie and theatre credits in El Raton Perez, El Colombian Dream, Muelle Oeste, and Betty la fea en vivo.

Lucrecia’s mother won several awards for her performances in Yo soy Betty, la fea, and Perro Amor. Those awards include the Shock Award for Best Young Actress, the two de Oro awards for Best International Actress, and an INTE Award for the actress of the year in 2002 for her role in Yo soy Betty, la fea.

Net Worth of Lucrecia’s Mother

Lucrecia’s mother has accrued a lot of wealth through her acting career. Besides she has also won several awards. Despite her popularity, her net worth is unknown, but some sources note it to be about 2 million dollars.

Social Media

Lucrecia Quaglia is on social media platforms. She is on Instagram, where she uses the handle @lucreciabasta; she likes posting pictures of herself for her over 3k followers. Lucrecia is also on TikTok; you can watch some of her videos there.