Personal Facts you Don’t Know About London Bierk

London Bierk

London Bierk is the son of Sebastian Bach, and he has come into the limelight because of his relationship with his father. London came into the limelight after the divorce rumors of his parents in 2010.

London’s parents have been in the limelight for a long time, and many people came to know Mary Aquinar, London’s mother, because of her marriage with Sebastian Bach. Maria was not known before her marriage, but even after the divorce, she has remained known by many because she is a celebrity wife.

Maria and Sebastian led a beautiful marriage life as a celebrity couple, and many admired them for having a long relationship free of scandals. Maria was very supportive and would be seen in public events with her husband, Sebastian Bach.

Why Did London’s Parents Divorce

Sebastian Bach and Maria Aquinar were a known celebrity couple who had led a beautiful marriage. The couple met in the early 1980s and exchanged vows in 1992 in a simple ceremony. Some sources indicate that the couple never tied the knot and only had a small ceremony, which never prevented them from having a beautiful marriage.

The couple welcomed their first child in 1988 when they were still dating. After the child, the couple decided to start a family, and that is when they held a ceremony in front of friends to signal they had been married.

The couple spent more than two decades together and had a beautiful life and family. Maria and Sebastian had three children; their last birth was in 2007.

In 2010, the couple went their separate ways despite holding together for a long time. Maria and Sebastian had met before Sebastian gained fame, and they remained a lovely couple for twenty-two years.

When Sebastian was interviewed about his divorce, he blamed social media for his divorce. He stated that he married his wife before the internet, and now when websites were established, they would write all sorts of lies about him.

The singer indicates that a certain book mostly led to the collapse of his first marriage. His ex-wife Maria would read about it on the website, and she never gave him the doubt of benefit. Sebastian wanted to sue the websites for writing false information, but his lawyer was against it.

London’s Father

London’s father was born Sebastian Philip Bierk in 1968. He became famous because of his music career, and his appearance in the band Skid Row made him even more famous.

Besides having a successful music career, he also acted and made appearances in television shows, which enabled him to grow his net worth and fame.

Currently, Sebastian Bach is in a solo career where he continues to grow his music career. After London’s father separated from Maria, he engaged Minnie Gupta, a model, in 2012. The relationship failed, and the engagement was called off in 2014.

Bach became engaged to Suzanne, and after dating for two months, they walked down the aisle in 2015 and made their relationship formal through marriage. London’s father lives with his second wife in Los Angeles.