Who is Joseph Steven Valenzuela?

Joseph Steven Valenzuela

Born on December 25, 1896, in Los Angeles, Joseph Stevens came into the limelight for being the supportive father of Ritchie Valens, the American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who died at a young age.

Many people received the singer’s death as a shock because it was only eight months after Ritchie entered the music industry. Joseph steven has remained recognized, although his son, who was beginning to rise to fame, died. Trusted sources indicate that Joseph Steven Valenzuela motivated his son to sing. He is the only one who encouraged him to carry the guitar and pursue his love for music.

Joseph died at 55 in January 1952 and was buried in his hometown in Los Angeles, California. According to a police report, Joseph died of Arteriosclerosis.

The Early Life of Joseph Steven Valenzuela

Joseph Steven was born in Los Angeles on December 25, 1896, to his parents Marciano and Agripina Valenzuela. Joseph grew up in Los Angeles and became a laborer by profession.

Joseph met Concepcion, and they started seeing each other. Details of their meetings have never been revealed, but reports indicate that on September 15, 1939, they exchanged vows in front of friends and family and started a family.

Joseph and Concepcion’s marriage went well, and on May 13, 1941, they welcomed their son Richard Steven Valenzuela, famous as Ritchie Valens. Joseph’s son was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, rising to fame when he got into a plane accident and died.

The marriage with Joseph never continued for long, and he later divorced Concepcion. However, there are no records of Joseph remarried, although his ex-wife married Robert Morales in 1952.

Who is Joseph’s Famous Son?

Ritchie Valens was the famous son of Joseph. Ritchie died many years ago, but he has remained the rock and roll pioneer and the forefather of the Chicano rock movement. Joseph’s son was very talented and determined to make his music by age five.

Joseph was a supportive father, and he talked to Ritchie and encouraged him to take up the guitar and start singing. Ritchie started as a guitarist and later taught himself to beat drums.

Ritchie was more skillful with his left hand, learned the instrument’s right-handed, and mastered it. Ritchie went to Pacoima Junior High school and later to Pacoima Junior High School.

He joined high school at 15 and was fond of carrying his guitar and playing it while singing to friends. He joined a local band, the Silhouettes, where he started as a guitarist and later the main vocalist.

Ritchie started performing in the band in 1957, improving his skills and becoming famous. Because of the demand of his career, he dropped out of high school and started serious music.

Ritchie has remained recognized for songs like Come On, Let’s Go, and La Bamba. Because of his talent, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, and in 2022, the United States named the Post Office in Pacoima after him.