Kay Flock Son: Arrest, Charges, Jail and More


Kay Flock, whose real name is Kevin Perez, is a 20-year-old rapper from the Bronx, New York. He gained popularity in the music industry with his debut mixtape, The D.O.A, which debuted at number one on the Heatseekers Albums Chart. However, his career has been interrupted by his recent arrest and murder charge.

Kay Flock’s Arrest

Kay Flock was arrested on December 23, 2021, for allegedly shooting a 24-year-old man outside a Harlem barbershop on December 16, 2021. The victim, Hernandez, was a member of the Bronx-based Thirdside gang, and his family claimed that his killing was a case of mistaken identity. The police suspected that the murder was gang-related, and the surveillance footage released on Instagram showed that it could be a result of gang activity.

Kay Flock surrendered himself to the New York Police Department when he learned that he was the prime suspect in the case. Since then, he has been behind bars waiting for the outcome of his trial.

Kay Flock’s Criminal Charges

Kay Flock is currently facing charges of first-degree murder, which is a serious offense that carries a life sentence of hard labor without parole for 20 to 25 years in jail if he is found guilty. The details of his charges are complicated, as different sources provided different reasons for his arrest. However, he is accused of shooting Hernandez after a dispute outside the barbershop.

Kay Flock’s Jail Time

Kay Flock is currently in the general prison section at Rikers Island under the New York City Department of Correction, pending the conclusion of all investigations and legal actions. Since he is not yet sentenced on the alleged charges, he is staying in jail for safekeeping. Rikers Island is known for housing inmates that require extensive protective custody, special health attention, the mentally deranged, and those undergoing drug detoxification.

Kay Flock’s Association with Gangs

Kay Flock’s association with gangs is unclear, as different claims suggest that he is associated with either the OY, OGz, or Thirdside gang. He grew up in the Bronx, a neighborhood characterized by gang activities and shootings. Some of the popular rappers associated with these gangs are Sha Ek, Edot Baby, and B Lovee. Kay Flock and B Lovee have been friends since childhood and appeared together on Kay Flock’s debut mixtape, The D.O.A.

In most of his music videos, Kay Flock displays some level of gang attributes, which is why many people, including the NYPD, believe that his alleged charges are based on gang activities.


Kay Flock’s career was on the rise before his arrest and charges. He faces a serious offense of first-degree murder, which could end his music career and land him a life sentence in jail if he is found guilty. As he awaits his trial, justice will take its course, and the truth about the murder will surface.