All About Joey Jones Fox News Wife: Marriage, Family, and More

Joey Jones is a well-known American ex-marine official, motivational speaker, and TV personality, particularly as a Fox News analyst. With his fame comes the inevitable curiosity about his personal life, particularly his wife. Here’s everything you need to know about Joey Jones’ wife.

Joey Jones’ Marriage

Joey Jones is currently married to Elise Jones, although there are conflicting reports about her name. Some sources report her name to be Meg Garrison Jones, but according to The Talks Today, her name is Elise. However, neither Joey nor his wife has come forward to clear up the confusion.

The couple met in high school at Southeast High School in Dalton, Georgia, in 2003, but they didn’t start dating until after Joey lost his legs in an explosive device in Afghanistan in 2010. Elise moved to Washington, D.C., to help Joey push through his recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which lasted two years. Their love grew during this time, and they eventually got married on December 30, 2012, at the Marine Corps Barracks 8th in Washington, D.C.

Elise Jones’ Personal Life

Elise Jones is an American citizen of white descent, although her exact date of birth and age are unknown. She is very private about her parents and siblings, and information about her education is also unknown. She works as a program director at a national military non-profit organization in Texas, although it is not known if she has any other career.

Joey Jones’ Previous Marriage

Joey Jones was previously married, but little is known about his former wife. Her name, age, and educational history are all unknown, as is when they met and how long they were together before getting married. Details of their marriage, such as when they got married and why they divorced, have also been kept a secret.

Joey and Elise’s Children

Joey Jones and Elise Jones have four children together. Joey’s first child, a son named Joseph Jones, was born during his previous marriage. Details about his age and education are unknown, but he is often seen with his father engaging in outdoor activities. He lives with his father, stepmother, and half-siblings in Georgia.

The couple’s three daughters’ names are unknown, as are their ages and education. They are growing up under the watchful eyes of their parents, who keep them away from the public eye.

Joey and Elise’s last child’s name was reported to be Pete, although the couple has not confirmed this. Details about her date of birth, age, and education are unknown, but she is still a toddler.


Joey Jones is a well-respected figure in the United States, known for his service as a marine and his work as a motivational speaker and TV personality. His personal life, particularly his marriage to Elise Jones, has garnered attention and speculation from fans. Despite their public profiles, the couple keeps their personal life private, particularly their children’s details, which they keep away from the public eye.