Kaiis Steven Jarrahy: The Rising Star Kid with a Notable Net Worth



Kaiis Steven Jarrahy, the son of renowned American actress and producer Geena Davis, has gained recognition not only for his famous parentage but also for his own unique personality. In this article, we will delve into the life of this rising star kid, providing insights into his background, family, net worth, and more.

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy Wiki/Bio: Age and Family Background

As of 2023, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy is 18 years old, born on May 6, 2004, under the zodiac sign of Taurus. He hails from Los Angeles, California, in the United States, and is the beloved son of Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy, an Iranian-American surgeon.

Growing up, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy has been fortunate to have a twin brother named Kain William Jarrahy, as well as an older sister named Alizeh, born in 2002. His maternal grandparents are Lucille Davis and William Davis, adding to his diverse family background.

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy holds American nationality and comes from a mixed ethnic background, blending his Iranian and American heritage. Notably, his paternal grandfather had a legal role under Islamic law.

How Rich Is Kaiis Steven Jarrahy in 2023? Inside His Net Worth

As the son of a successful actress and producer, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy has grown up surrounded by wealth and privilege. Despite not yet embarking on his own professional career, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

His mother, Geena Davis, has amassed an impressive net worth of approximately $30 million. Most of her wealth stems from her successful showbiz career, where she has made a name for herself as both an actress and producer. Additionally, Davis is involved in various ventures, including the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which contributes to her financial success.

Currently residing in Los Angeles with his family, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy experiences the comforts of an opulent life. His mother, Geena Davis, owns a luxurious house in LA, and in 2020, she made headlines by selling her Pacific Palisades mansion for a staggering $5.63 million.

Physical Appearance: Height and Looks

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy possesses a charming appearance that enhances his overall presence. With his brown eyes and brown hair, he exudes a natural appeal. Standing tall at over 6 feet, he boasts an impressive height that adds to his attractive demeanor. Notably, he has undergone a transformation, shedding his previous chubby figure and evolving into a more refined individual.

Education Details

At present, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy is focusing on his education. While he is presumed to have graduated from high school, specific details about his academic performance remain undisclosed. It is likely that he is preparing for higher education, paving the way for a promising future.

Relationship Status: Is Kaiis Steven Jarrahy Dating Anyone?

Given his young age, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy is not currently involved in a romantic relationship. His personal dating life remains private and has not been captured by the media. As for his parents, Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy, they were allegedly married on September 1, 2001, and have three children together: one daughter and two sons.

Unfortunately, Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy’s marriage came to an end in 2018. Davis claimed that their union was never legally recognized, and the divorce was officially finalized in December 2021, resulting in a name change for their sons from Davis-Jarrahy to Jarrahy.

Social Media Presence

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy prefers to maintain a low profile on social media platforms. Currently, he does not actively engage on Instagram, Twitter, or any other public accounts. While he previously appeared on various media platforms and attended events with his family, he now values privacy and keeps his personal details away from public scrutiny.

Career: Movies and TV Shows

As of now, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy is yet to embark on his own professional career. He has not made any appearances in movies or TV shows. In contrast, his mother, Geena Davis, has had a thriving career in the entertainment industry since 1982. Renowned for her roles in iconic films like Thelma & Louise and A League of Their Own, Davis remains one of the prominent actresses of the ’90s. Her filmography includes notable works such as Stuart Little, Grey’s Anatomy, The Exorcist, The Geena Davis Show, and many more.

Geena Davis’ Controversial Life and Activism

Geena Davis, an Academy Award-winning actress, has enjoyed a long-standing presence in the public eye. Alongside her successful career, she has encountered controversies and actively participated in advocacy work. One notable instance was the ending of the film Thelma & Louise in 1991, which sparked debates about its portrayal of women’s struggle against a patriarchal society.

Davis also brought attention to alleged misconduct by Bill Murray during the filming of Quick Change in 1990, shedding light on power dynamics on set. Despite these challenges, she continues to champion gender equality through her Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, earning admiration for her ongoing advocacy efforts.


Kaiis Steven Jarrahy, the rising star kid and son of Geena Davis, is poised to carve his own path in the future. With a notable net worth at his disposal and a supportive family, he has all the resources to pursue his aspirations. As he grows older, we can anticipate the emergence of his individuality and potential in the entertainment industry.