Joy Rene Smith, Personal Life and Net Worth


Joy Rene Smith was a famous American singer and songwriter, who left the world just at the young age of 36. Joy Rene Smith is also known to be the daughter of renowned American DJ artist Wolfman Jack. Today we will talk everything in detail about Joy Rene Smith.

So, read the article and unfold the details that have never been talked about, like early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, net worth, death, and other details of Joy Rene Smith.

Personal life

Joy Rene Smith was born on 20th July 1961 in Newport News, Newport News City, Virginia, USA to Wolfman Jack and Lou Smith. Joy Rene Smith was an American. Since Joy Rene Smith was a celebrity child, she had a blissful childhood. As for her love life, Joy Rene Smith never disclosed any details regarding her personal life and this is the reason that nothing is known about her romantic life even today.

At the age of 36, when Joy Rene Smith was at the peak of her career, she met with a fatal accident on June 23, 1998, that took her life. She was buried in Smith Family Estate Cemetery, Belvidere, Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA.

Parents and siblings

The parents of Joy Rene Smith Wolfman Jack and Lou Smith had two beautiful kids including one daughter and one son. Given the fact, Joy Rene Smith had one brother and his name is Tod Weston Smith, who owns an entertainment company today.

Speaking of the professions of her parents,  her father was a great American musician and DJ artist. He died in 1995 just 3 years before the death of Joy Rene Smith. On the other hand, no information is available on the profession of the mother of Joy Rene Smith.


We believe that Joy Rene Smith was not married and did not have any kids because there is no information available on her children as well as her love life.

Education and profession

Though the educational background of Joy Rene Smith is not known to the public, it can be assumed that she must have received a good education in her life, as she was the daughter of a rich father. If you talk about the profession of Joy Rene Smith, we have already told you that she was a musician by profession.

Reason for the popularity of Joy Rene Smith

In her childhood, Joy Rene Smith was definitely known because of her musician father. However, today she is solely known because of her own professional success.

Net worth of Joy Rene Smith

The exact net worth of Joy Rene Smith is not known. However, considering the fact that she was a successful singer, we are pretty sure that she must have had a lot of money in her life. As for the net worth of her father, he was estimated to have around 1 million at the time of his death.


Though Joy Rene Smith left the world at a very young age, she gained significant success in her professional career. The way she left the world made her grab a place on the news headlines.