Meet Rapper Jim Jones’ Son: Joseph Guillermo Jones III


Joseph Guillermo Jones III, born on May 20, 2003, is the son of American rapper Jim Jones. However, details of Joseph’s mother are unknown, as his father has not revealed anything about her. Joseph is the famous singer’s only child; given that, he receives all the attention he wants and is provided with everything he may need.

Jim Jones kept his only son away from the public until he was ten years old; he then started posting pictures and videos of them spending time with his partner Chrissy Limpkin.

Education Background

Regarding his education, Joseph Guillermo Jones III attended one of the best schools in the United States, where he played football. His father was supportive and encouraged him to work hard and do what he loved.

After high school, Joseph Guillermo Jones joined college to pursue a career of his choice and maybe continue to play football there.

Joseph Jones’s Father as a Gang Member and Law Encounters

In 2019, Jim Jones was mentioned as part of a notorious gang called Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Other notable celebrities, including Cardi B, Casanova, and Trippie Redd, were named. But as per the evidence, he was not a gang member; he would rather focus on more important things than be part of a gang.

Joseph’s father has got himself on the wrong side of the law at least once. In 2018, he appeared in court alongside three others in a drug felony case. He was also accused of having a firearm and marijuana. In his defense, Jim Jones noted that he had a prescription for the drug and that he did not know of the firearm found in his car.

His Father’s Career

As a rapper, Jim Jones has released several singles and albums that have done well, including On My Way to Church, his debut album, El Capo, and We Fly High, among others. Besides music, Joseph Guillermo Jones’ father has also ventured into acting, fashion design, and sports management.

Joseph’s father appeared in the film State Property 2, Crash, and in two seasons of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Controversies About His Father

Celebrities are often targeted or find themselves in situations that attract media attention. Joseph Guillermo’s father is one of those who has attracted media attention on several occasions. In 2022, he was racially profiled by GUCCI workers; funnily, he said that those who were racially abusing him were black.

Jim Jones had a grudge against Jay Z, who produced a song to diss him after criticizing his leadership at Def Jam Recordings. Additionally, Joseph’s father had an issue with Azelia Banks, who also released a song to diss him.

Social Media

Joseph Guillermo Jones III is not a social media guy; no accounts affiliated with him have been found on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or he may have private handles that he has not revealed. However, her father is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where he posts pictures and videos for his over 3 million followers.