Meet Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Sister-in-Law, Jaqueline Maraj


Jaqueline Maraj is the ex-wife of Jelani Maraj, a convict and brother of rap superstar Nicki Minaj. She became famous when news broke on the internet that her husband was sexually abusing her daughter. Jaqueline’s daughter, who was then 12 years old, was a child she had in her previous relationship.

Personal Life

Jaqueline Maraj was in a relationship with another man, which led to the birth of her daughter, who was assaulted. She then started dating Nicki Minaj’s brother, and their relationship was perfect as they were deeply in love. They decided to take things further and got married. Jaqueline mentions that their relationship changed, as Jelani was no longer caring and was often abusive.

Jelani emotionally and physically abused Jaqueline, and they were never close anymore. She mentions that after their wedding, they only had sexual relations once. She filed for divorce after finding out her husband was assaulting her daughter.

How Jaqueline Learnt of Sexual Assault Towards Her Daughter

When Jelani was sexually abusing Jaqueline’s daughter, he had warned her not to try any tell anyone about what he was doing to her, or else he would have her and her younger brother taken away. So, one day Jaqueline came home from work and found her husband and daughter throwing words at each other.

Jelani was asking his stepdaughter why he told of his sexual abuse towards her. In her defense, the twelve-year-old girl yelled back at Jelani, claiming she had told no one. Jaqueline overhead all this conversation and had to investigate what was going on. After talking to her daughter, Jaqueline realized that Jelani had abused her several times.

Jaqueline sought the help of law enforcers, and Jelani was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor and endangering her life.

The Trial and Conviction of Her Ex-Husband

As per the evidence presented in court, Jelani defiled the minor multiple times. While giving her testimony, Jaqueline’s daughter noted that Jelani would have sex with her four times a week and sometimes twice a day. When all this was happening, Jaqueline was at work.

Jaqueline’s s daughter mentioned that the sexual abuse made her suicidal, and she used to have anxiety attacks on some days. The judge hearing the case said that Jelani was guilty and he had abused the minor on multiple occasions, not one or twice. Despite his famous sister writing to the judge to reduce the sentence, Jelani was sentenced to 25 years.

There were claims that Jaqueline Maraj tried to settle things out of court with Jelani, claims she refuted.

Nicki’s Fans Furious for Trying to Defend Her Brother

Nicki Minaj’s fans were furious when there were rumors that she was defending her brother. Most of them were angered when they heard she had written to the judge requesting him to reduce her brother’s sentence, saying he was the most gentle and kind man she knew.

Nicki was to appear in court to testify for her brother, but she never showed up, as her fans’ comments would have brought this up. She later distanced herself from Jelani.