John Peter Crickellas, Personal Life and Net Worth


John Peter Crickellas is one that lucky man whom American actress Amanda Detmer gave her heart. Yes, John Peter Crickellas is the husband of gorgeous American actress, Amanda Detmer, and best known in the world as a celebrity spouse.

Today, let us tell you all about John Peter Crickellas including his childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details.

Personal life

Though John Peter Crickellas is a celebrity spouse, he maintains a private life and this is the reason that nothing is known about his early life. Be it the names of his parents or his date of birth, nothing is known to the public. However, we believe that John Peter Crickellas must be around 50 years old today. Coming to the love life of John Peter Crickellas which is a reason for his popularity, he married American actress Amanda Detmer in 2007. Thereafter, there have been only happy and blissful days for the couple and they have already celebrated 15 years of their togetherness.

Parents and siblings

As we just said above that there is no information available on the family background of John Peter Crickellas, the names of his parents as well as siblings are just a mystery to the public. The popular wife of John Peter Crickellas has also never talked about her in-laws.


John Peter Crickellas has been married to Amanda Detmer for quite a long time and is probably the father of two kids today. However, this has not been confirmed either by John Peter Crickellas or his celebrity wife. We are assuming it by seeing the Instagram posts of his wife, Amanda Detmer.

Education and profession

With the fact that John Peter Crickellas is reclusive about his personal life, he has not revealed anything regarding his education as well as professional. However, we are sure that John Peter Crickellas must be active in some prestigious profession. Otherwise, he would not have been able to get the love of an actress.

Reason for the popularity of John Peter Crickellas

Hands down, the main reason for the popularity of John Peter Crickellas is his celebrity wife, Amanda Detmer, who holds a successful film career. Other than that, his wife is also quite active on social media and regularly keeps updating her fans with her couple pics, which is also a reason for the popularity of John Peter Crickellas.

Net worth of John Peter Crickellas

Since the profession of John Peter Crickellas is not known, his net worth can’t be estimated either. However, we hope that John Peter Crickellas must be earning a good amount of money in his life, as he is a celebrity spouse.  If you talk about the net worth of his actress wife, Amanda Detmer, she is the proud owner of around 2.5 million at the moment.


John Peter Crickellas is not active in the entertainment industry yet he managed to win the heart of an actress. He must have something unique in his personality that made Amanda Detmer fall for him.