Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, Personal Life and Net Worth


For some people, marriage becomes a reason for their popularity and Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is one such person. She is known for being the ex-wife of American former professional football wide receiver, Jerry Rice. The couple is no more together but the stardom of Jerry Rice is making Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell popular even today.

Here, let us disclose some interesting life details about Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell including her early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other things.

Personal life

Since Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is mainly known because of her ex-husband and her marriage with him, there is no information available about her early life. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, nothing is known.

Speaking of the love life of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, she has probably married one time in her life and it was with Jerry Rice. The couple got married in 1987 and separated in 2009 after staying together for 22 long years. Why Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell quit such a long marriage is not known.

Parents and siblings

With the fact that the family background of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is a mystery to the public, there is nothing known about her parents as well as siblings. We are not even sure whether Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell has any siblings or not because she never talked about her siblings.


Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell was married to Jerry Rice for quite a long time and she had three kids including two daughters and one son through this marriage. The names of her kids are Jada Symone Rice, Jaqui Bonet Rice, and Jerry Rice Jr. Her son, Jerry Rice Jr, is today a young American footballer.

Education and profession

Here again, Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell preferred to maintain silence and has not disclosed any details regarding her education as well as profession. However, we do believe that she must have a good profession because she has been living her life all alone after the divorce from her ex-husband, Jerry Rice.

Reason for the popularity of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell 

Obviously, it’s the marriage of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell with Jerry Rice that made her grab public attention. Besides that, she is also known for being the mother of young American footballer Jerry Rice Jr.

Net worth of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell 

To find out the net worth of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, we need to have information about her profession and earnings, which is not really known. Given this fact, the exact net worth of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell is not known. If you talk about the net worth of her ex-husband, Jerry Rice, he is estimated to hold a staggering amount of 50 million money right now.


Deciding to split from your spouse after staying together for 22 long years is not an easy thing. It takes lots of courage and strength to accept the fact but Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell has done it bravely. We must say she is a strong woman with excellent decision-making capabilities.