Jasmin Bhanji: Exploring Artistry and Creativity in Education



Welcome to the artistic world of Jasmin Bhanji, a dedicated artist practitioner working in the realm of education. In this unique space, Jasmin’s studio resides within a secondary school in Islington, North London. Created as part of Cubit Studios’ initiative to establish community studios, Jasmin’s studio stands as a radical solution to the scarcity of artist spaces and the declining focus on arts education. Join us as we delve into the vibrant world of Jasmin Bhanji’s artistic journey and the significance of her creative sanctuary within the school.

The Studio as an Artistic Haven

Jasmin Bhanji’s studio is more than just a physical space; it is a sanctuary for artistic expression. As an artist predominantly working alone, Jasmin finds solace within the studio’s walls, akin to being inside the belly of a whale. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of the school and the echoes of teenage voices, Jasmin feels both connected to and separate from the bustling educational environment.

Embracing Collaborative and Shared Spaces

Having started her artistic career as a ceramicist, Jasmin Bhanji is well-versed in the dynamics of shared studio spaces. Ceramic studios, due to the specialized equipment involved, often foster collaborative environments where artists come together to share resources and knowledge. In her earlier days, Jasmin found herself working in collective studios, but since completing her master’s degree, she has found solace and inspiration in her current studio.

A Curated Space: Blending Ideas and Inspiration

Jasmin Bhanji’s studio is a carefully curated space that reflects her creative process and draws inspiration from various modern artists. With an eye for stealing the best ideas, Jasmin has created a unique environment that resonates with her artistic identity. A frequent visitor to her studio is the magpie, which has become her emblem. The ever-shifting nature of her space, like synapses in the brain, allows for constant exploration and the forging of new connections.

The Studio as a Catalyst for Ideas

Within the studio’s confines, Jasmin Bhanji often finds herself lost in thought, contemplating the space itself and the solutions it holds. The layers of inspiration she has meticulously integrated into the studio serve as triggers for innovative ideas and creative breakthroughs. When a significant insight strikes her, Jasmin documents it as an instruction, which then becomes part of the studio’s ambiance. Surrounded by images and objects, Jasmin ensures that everything has its place, albeit one that constantly evolves.

You Are the Art: Embracing the Artist Within

Bruce Lammon once said, “All you need is you; you’re the artist.” Jasmin Bhanji resonates deeply with this sentiment, firmly believing that the essence of artistry lies within oneself. In her studio, every action and every thought is considered art. By embracing her authentic self and providing a dedicated space for creativity, Jasmin empowers her artistic journey and encourages others to explore their creative potential.


Jasmin Bhanji’s studio is more than just a physical space; it is a manifestation of her artistic vision and a testament to the power of creativity within education. With her studio nestled within a secondary school, Jasmin’s practice serves as a radical response to the challenges faced by artists and arts education alike. Through a curated environment that blends inspiration and personal expression, Jasmin embraces the ever-evolving nature of artistry. As she continues to explore the boundaries of her creativity, Jasmin Bhanji invites others to find their own artistic sanctuary and unleash the artist within.