Jake Dominick Deluise Personal Life & More

Jake Dominick Deluise

The son of prominent television personality Peter DeLuise is American celebrity kid Jake Dominick DeLuise. He hails from Canada through his mother, Anne Marie DeLuise (nee Loder). In the year 2022, Jake will be 18 years old. He’s a US resident. Let’s take a look at what’s going in the life of this celebrity superstar kid.

Parents & Family

DeLuise Jake Christopher Loder was born on 11th April 2004 to parents Peter John and Anne Marie DeLuise. Peter, Peter’s father, is an award-winning TV producer, actor, screenwriter, and director. In addition to Stargate and 21 Jump Street, his father has also worked in many other television series. The mother of the boy is an American actress who has appeared in blockbuster movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and Strange Empire.

She was also awarded a Leo Award in 2015. Jake is the only child of his parents, and both of them love him dearly. In 2002, Peter and Anne became engaged on June 7th. Before that, they had been dating for over five years since 1996. The couple has lived together for over 26 years.

 Private Life & Relationships

There is little information surfacing about Jake’s personal life, and hardly any news about him surfaced. Several sources indicate that he has completed high school and is preparing to graduate. He has not yet disclosed which high school he attended and which college he plans to attend. Jake’s relationship status has not been announced. His relationship status remains secret. Also unknown is if he has a girlfriend or not.

Personal Features & Characteristics

Jake has an enchanting and eloquent demeanor. His dimensions are unconfirmed, which include his height and build. His eye and hair shades, too, are unspecified. The most recent footage of him was a video where he conversed about the sport he played during high school, but the authenticity of that video remains uncertain.

Peter and Anne DeLuise have made it clear they do not want any press publicity for their kids, which is why so less is known about Jake’s physique and personality.

Social Media & Controversies

Jake DeLuise is a social media ghost and keeps his private life to himself. Jake’s social media accounts are challenging to find as they’re all secret, and there are very few pictures of him on the world wide web. He hasn’t been involved in any known controversy, indicating that he lives a very quiet life away from the media coverage.

Net Worth

Jake Dominick’s current net worth is undisclosed and not identifiable. However, his mom and dad have more than ten million dollars, which also includes a valuable fleet of automobiles and a ritzy condo in New York City.


The DeLuise’s are a reputable family that is loved by just about everyone who knows them. Jake is lucky to be born into such a family that truly & deeply loves and cherishes him. He is humble and eschews scandal. With a smiling face and a glimpse, he could indeed melt the heart and souls of several girls. He lives in lavishness with his family members. Jake’s parents are actors, and everyone hopes to see him perform on stage soon.