Isabella Louise Astin Personal Life & More

Isabella Louise Astin

Isabella Louise Astin’s parents are Sean Astin and Christine Harrell. She was born on 22 July 2005. Alexandra Astin and Elizabeth Louise Astin are her sisters. Isabella is the youngest daughter of Sean and Christine. Today, Isabella is sixteen years old and in high school, soon joining college.

Personal life

Isabella is currently studying at the Oaks Christian High School and is a bright student in her class. Her zodiac sign is cancer. Her father remains an active actor, while her mother produces movies in Hollywood. This beautiful family with three daughters lives together in Los Angeles, California, America.

Isabella Louise Astin is secretive about her career. Isabella is a gorgeous teenage girl with brown hair and grey eyes. She attends Hollywood events with her parents and sisters. Isabella can be seen in movies with her sisters. Isabella loves photography and dancing and represented her high school team in sports competitions.

Parents’ life

As mentioned already, Isabella is a celebrity kid of a Hollywood actor and producer couple, her father, Sean Astin, is a popular Hollywood actor. He has acted in several hit movies, including 50 First Days, The Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, and many other popular movies. Her mother, Christine Harrell, is also an award-winning producer. The movie Kangaroo Court was produced by her and still resides in people’s memory.


Isabella Astin’s sisters are Alexandra Astin and Elizabeth Louise Astin. Elizabeth Astin was born on 6th august 2002. She has attended with her father book signings and promotional events in Hollywood. She is also a very popular actress. She acted in the popular show “Money Heist .”She has also worked in “Lord of the rings.”

Alexandra Louise Astin’s date of birth is November 27, 1996, in California, USA. She is also a famous actress. She’s a model who’s succeeded in gathering thousands of followers on various platforms. She has 8k plus followers and worked in movies and shows.


Isabella Louise Astin studies at Oaks Christian High School. She is studying in high school and will soon join college. She is a bright student and also plays sports at her school competition. There is a chance that Isabella might be seen in movies, but she is very secretive and private about her professional goals.

Net Worth of Isabella Louise Astin

Isabella Louise Astin has a net worth of around 20 million US dollars, according to various sources on the internet. Although she is still a student and unlike other celebrities, she didn’t drop out of high school to pursue her career in the Hollywood industry and is continuing with her studies. And she hasn’t started to work full-fledged in any profession till now. Her financial wealth started building from her family and other resources.

Bottling Up

Isabella Louise Astin is fortunate to grow up with her family where her sister and parents were involved in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Isabella’s dad told her mother went into labor a month early. They were afraid that they would have to deliver her in the car, but luckily, they made it to the hospital.