Ivy Shireen Moayed Personal Life, Profession, & More

Ivy Shireen Moayed was born on the 4th of February 2011 to Iranian American well-known actor, director and author Arian Moayed and advocate for women and children’s right activist Krissy Sheilds. She has a sibling, Olive Joan Moayed.

Ivy’s Renowned Father

Iranian American actor, writer, and director Arian Moayed was born on 15th April 1980. In addition to starring in The Humans, which won the Tony Award for Best Play, Moayed was nominated for a Tony Award for the Best Featured Actor in the Baghdad Zoo’s Bengal Tiger play honours his contributions there. Moayed rose to fame for his portrayals of Agent P. Cleary in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel as well as his roles as Stewy Hosseini in HBO’s Succession and Todd Spodek in Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Arian’s Formative Years

Tehran, Iran, is where Moayed was born. His father works as a banker full-time. In 1986, his parents left Iran for Canada. Around the age of five, the family moved to the Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois. He is fluent in Persian. In 1998, Moayed received his high school diploma from Glenbrook South. In 2002, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. He performed in William Shakespeare, Carlo Goldoni, and Samuel Beckett plays while in college.


As a co-founder of Waterwell, Moayed has worked on over a dozen original plays, most recently a critically acclaimed performance of Hamlet in both English and Arabic. Moayed collaborated with Waterwell to produce the forgotten war musical Blueprint Specials, which was performed by veterans on board the Intrepid.
Waterwell focuses on theatre, education, and film that are socially responsible and civically engaged. “Empower its audience to transform their lives and the world in which they live,” is the mission statement of Waterwell.

Feathers On The Cap

Overdue, Moayed’s debut short as a writer/director, premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival and was made available online through The Business of Being Born. Day Ten, his second picture, which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, starred Omar Metwally and was based on the days after September 11, 2011.
He co-starred with Omar Metwally as Humayun in Rajiv Joseph’s play Guards at the Taj in 2016 as Babur, one of two protagonists. He was given a 2016 Obie Award for his performance by the American Theatre Wing and The Village Voice.

Ivy’s Activist Mother

Arian collaborated with another significant figure in the entertainment business. He is wed to actress and producer Krissy Sheilds. Ivey Shireen and Oliver Joan, both born on February 4th, 2011, and November 24, 2008, respectively, are Moayed’s daughters from the union. They currently reside as a family in New York. Krissy Shield is the founder of Maha Mama, a yoga and mindfulness instructor, a supporter of children and women, many people’s sister, and a citizen artist.

Net Worth

Ivy Shireen’s father Arian Moayed will have a total net worth of more than $4-$5 million by 2023. His earnings from TV series, movies, plays, advertisements, acting and other business endeavors contribute to his net worth.


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