George Riley Mercer Jr. Occupation, Net Worth, & More

Sr. George Riley Mercer and Mary Rutherford Rose Mercer, who were both deceased, were the parents of Mr. George Riley Mercer Jr. St. Christopher’s School in Richmond where Mr. Mercer received his education. Mr. Mercer was a principal in the business George Mercer Sr. Left to him, Mercer Rug & Carpet. In addition, he oversaw GII Corporation and the real estate investment company George-Marshall Corporation. Later in life, he was a well-regarded architectural consultant.

Flamboyant Life

Mercer Jr. was a highly successful businessman who earned millions of dollars, but he also loved to party and indulge in alcohol. Mercer’s name frequently appeared on Page Six of the New York Post for his intoxicated public antics, much like his Manhattan socialite daughter. He was expelled from The Plaza Hotel in December 2009 after stumbling onto the stage and trying to sing “New York, New York” during Michael Fredo’s performance. Woody Allen, Betsy Johnson, Isaac Mizrahi, Courtney Love, and Martha Stewart were in the crowd to witness the horrific event.

Conjugal Life

Mercer Jr married Baltimore-based surgeon Catherine Stamatacos after divorcing Dale. Following their breakup, he began dating Krissy Morrow, a young woman half his age at 29. Morrow stated that his first ex-wife was attempting to control all his money after a confrontation with Dale in front of his Fifth Avenue residence. He also asserted that she and Mercer were never wed.

The Star Daughter

American socialite and television personality Tinsley Randolph Mortimer, who was born on August 11, 1975, is from the United States. She is well known for playing a prominent role in the reality TV shows High Society and The Real Housewives of New York City. In Richmond, Virginia, Tinsley Randolph Mercer gave birth to Mortimer. Her mother, Dale Tatum Mercer, is an interior designer and socialite, and her father is real estate investor George Riley Mercer Jr. Dabney Winston Mercer is her younger sister. In 1936, George Riley Mercer Sr. Established Mercer Rug Cleaning. He is her paternal grandfather. Mortimer is a member of several Virginia First Families. She was raised in the Graymont mansion near Richmond.

From Daughter To Father

During Season 11 of the Bravo series, Tinsley discussed her father George Riley Mercer Jr., who passed away at the age of 68 from the issues of drinking. She had never been around someone who has had a drinking problem since her father had died, and recently being around a cast member Luann de Lesseps, is bringing back stuff with his father. Tinsley conveyed this as she sat down for lunch with Lesseps, who had returned to rehab after a forced intervention. After a while, she stated that she was mad at him. She was furious with him. She found her avoiding it when she had witnessed someone else struggling with a drinking addiction.

The Final Exit

Alcoholism was a problem for Mercer Jr., but it was not the main factor in his demise. He was drinking heavily when he fell downstairs, had a frontal lobe injury, and eventually into a coma, according to Tinsley. Before passing away on March 26, 2015, her father was in hospice since neither his family, nor the physicians could improve his condition.