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Importance Of Home Inspections Before Buying A Property


Are you planning to buy your dream home? Buying your home is an exciting yet stressful milestone that entails several steps, processes, and endless documentation! The long and arduous process of buying a home can have you spend months searching for the right one, making several offers, waiting for responses, and finalizing all the pre-closure processes. You have to jump through so many hoops before closing the sale. In the process, you will most likely hear about home inspections and their importance. You might question whether it is at all important. But there are many reasons behind its importance. Your loan company might request an in-depth inspection of your dream home, or you might end up unraveling several functionalities issues and identifying needed repairs during this process. So who can help you? Navigating through the complicated process of finding your dream home can be made easy with the help of a trusted real estate agent in Corvallis, Oregon. A real estate expert can help you to answer the question if you need a home inspection done, along with answering several other questions.

Importance of Home Inspection Before Buying:

  • Uncover potential problems:As Legacy Realty & Management team says one of the primary reasons for home inspections is to uncover maintenance and repair issues with the potential home that might prove to be a deal breaker. For instance, a leaky roof might not be visible to your naked eye, while a professional home inspector can quickly term it as a potentially hazardous issue in his report. These early detections can save you thousands of dollars that might have otherwise put a huge dent in your account.
  • Relatively inexpensive:Home inspections do not cost a lot of money and can range between $250 to $600 depending on where you live and the size of the home. Since purchasing a new property can be a significant investment, the home inspection cost can seem insignificant to make you feel extremely comfortable with your purchase decision.
  • Safety check:A home inspection report can give you highlights on safety issues like carbon monoxide, radon, and mold issues in the home. These safety issue checks are mandatory for several states, and you should make sure that the home gets a full green card. If not, you have the option to back out without an explanation.
  • Uncover illegal installations or additions:A home inspection can also highlight renovated and additional constructions. You can check whether these renovations or new constructions have been done with proper permits and have followed codes. If not, it can go on to affect taxes, insurance, and usability, along with causing several other illegal permit issues in the future.
  • Uncover pest and insect issues:Best infestation can destroy even the most beautiful homes. Depending on the location, if there is a high probability of pest or insect infestation, it can create havoc in your home after you buy it. For instance, wood-boring insects like termites are single-handedly responsible for almost 5 billion dollars of annual damage in the country. There are other pests like powder post beetles and carpenter ants that can cause damage to your home worth thousands of dollars. Home inspections can reveal these issues to you before the purchase.
  • Structural damage: You can also discover structural issues in a home with the help of a home inspection. It is because some home inspectors are professional engineers who can determine whether a home has any structural issues that can go on to become potential damage in the future, like cracked walls and ceilings, damaged foundation walls, and unleveled door frames. It can save you thousands of dollars if discovered before you make the purchase.
  • Peace of mind: A home is a significantly huge investment for every person, and all the associated costs are not cheap by any means. This is why having a home inspection can bring you peace of mind so that you and your family can move into a safe and solid home that does not have any underlying problems.

Home inspections are necessary for both buying and selling properties. A professional home estate agent can help you to make sure that your dream house is fully functional and that there are no additional repairs required. As a prospective buyer, you might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to a home inspection. However, that is not a good idea. Having unbiased documentation of your future home’s conditions and functionalities should never be compromised. This applies to both new constructions and pre-owned properties. The home inspection report can guarantee that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on repair work after spending thousands of dollars on purchasing the home. Ultimately, that document can be your peace of mind. You can also professionally inspect your home every 2 to 5 years for finding major issues with your home and to ensure seamless running systems are in place.