How to Create a Light Show with Music?


Do you intend to take your next party or gathering up a notch? Then why not add some extra pizzazz with an awesome light show that syncs perfectly with the music?

Well then, the ScottEffx app takes the guesswork out of creating a mesmerizing light show with music. The app facilitates composition and simulation, among other aspects. That way, you don’t need to struggle with manual and oft-tedious and challenging setups or configurations. But if you’re the DIY type, the guide below may help.

1. Compose Your Light Show

Generic light shows don’t always strike the right chords, if we may. As such, you might consider individualized light shows for particular tunes. To do so, you’ll need to compose your show. But how do you go about it?

A digital audio workshop such as Logic Pro or Ableton Live, complete with a mid-out, would suffice. You may use the midi-out from the audio workstation to send signals to control all the lights connected to your system. This gives you more control over the timing and sequencing of lights during a song.

The digital workshop makes it easier to create a light show that matches your music beat by beat. This could mean create tracks and adding your favorite MIDI effects – anything from strobes to color changes.

2. Create Decorated Scenes

To spice up your light show, consider using an image editing app – Photoshop comes to mind. Such a program allows you to create striking yet simulated scenes with custom hues and shapes to display during your musical extravaganza. You may also use it to add fun stickers or filters to enhance the visuals.

Get creative by playing around with different color schemes or themes – be it psychedelic swirls or winter wonderlands. The idea is to give your light show a more personalized feel, allowing guests to experience a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

3. Choose Your Lights and Sound System

The lights you use will depend on the show you intend to create. For a basic setup, you can use Christmas lights. But for more complex shows, opt for moving heads or programmable LED string lights. The latter are the most popular for show synchronizing as they generally come with a remote control for easier operation. Plus, they sport various lighting effects and are less likely to become a fire hazard – since they don’t give off as much heat.

Also, decide on how many lights you intend to use. More lights mean more colors and effects. Invest in more lights if you’re planning an elaborate show for a large audience. Nonetheless, a few select lights should do the trick if you’re putting on a show for family and friends.

Set up all of your lights in sequence and place them throughout the space where you plan to have your event or party. While at it, ensure each light is appropriately placed to create an immersive experience when turned on – with safety and functionality in mind.

You’ll also need a sound system to bring your light show concept to life. Look for a Wi-Fi compatible speaker system with good bass and sound quality to handle the music.

4. Create A Playlist

Which songs are the perfect fit for your show? Craft a playlist with style, genre, or beat in mind. For instance, go for heavy tunes and guitar solos if you’re into metal or rock. Alternatively, set the mood with melodic ballads if you’re into slow and soothing melodies. This will ensure your light show looks and sounds its best throughout. You could also experiment with different songs to create a dynamic atmosphere.

5. Connect to Your Router

They say music brings people together, but a Wi-Fi router makes your lights come alive! Basically, when creating a light show, you need an internet connection.

Hence, your Wi-Fi router is the glue that holds everything together, connecting your speakers, audio source, and dazzling lights. Without it, you can’t control or synchronize the lights with the music.

6. Get Your Show on the Road

Upon connecting all your components (lights, music, and all), you can play your show. You may use an app such as ScottEffx to control and synchronize everything. The free app is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Or, if you prefer a more manual approach, program your light show to play at the press of a button.

Who said you must rival Beethoven while creating a light show with music? Provided you’re the creative type, you can create a vibrant display that fuses music and lights into one. With that in mind, light up your next event by following the unordered list of steps outlined above.