The Love Story of Josh Segarra and Brace Rice: A Match Made in Sports Heaven

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Josh Segarra, the celebrated actor known for his roles in “Sirens” and CW’s “Arrow,” has found not only success in his career but also happiness in his personal life. Behind the scenes, he is happily married to Brace Rice, a woman who shares his passion for sports and leads a private life away from the limelight. Their love story began at a birthday party and has since blossomed into a beautiful family filled with love and joy.

The Chance Meeting

It all started when Josh Segarra met Brace Rice at a birthday party. Intrigued by her, he asked her out for a drink, but she could only spare time in the afternoon. They decided to have lunch together, but before that, Brace attended a spin class that Josh taught. They both had their doubts before meeting each other. Josh wondered if she would last the 15-minute class, and Brace was worried about encountering a full-spandex-wearing musical theater enthusiast. However, they pleasantly surprised each other, and their first encounter became a cherished memory they still laugh about.

Bonding Over Sports

Josh Segarra and Brace Rice found common ground in their love for sports. Their television is often tuned to Sports Center or ESPN, and they both engage in fantasy football leagues. As the commissioner of his league, Josh couldn’t help but fall even more in love with Brace when she won her first fantasy football league in her first year. He jokingly warned her that it might be downhill from there, as he had been playing for six years and never won. Their shared interest in sports became a strong foundation for their relationship, providing them with endless topics to discuss and bond over.

The Family They Built

After tying the knot in 2014, Josh Segarra and Brace Rice welcomed their first child, a son named Gus Maine, just two years later. The love and joy they experienced as parents prompted them to expand their family further. Four years later, they were blessed with another son, Hank Rice, born on January 8. Brace has proven to be the Wonder Woman of their household, adored by both their boys. Josh considers himself incredibly fortunate to have Brace in his life, bringing immense happiness and love to their family.

Embracing a Private Life

Unlike her husband, Brace Rice leads a private life away from the entertainment industry. There is little information available about her career, and she is not involved in acting like Josh. Despite living in the spotlight, Josh Segarra respects and appreciates his wife’s desire for privacy, and they have built a beautiful life together, away from the prying eyes of the public.

A Love That Endures

Josh Segarra and Brace Rice’s love story is a testament to enduring love in the entertainment industry. While some celebrities’ marriages may face challenges, Josh and Brace have found strength in their shared interests and their commitment to each other. Like Charles Esten and Jamie Farr, who have had long-lasting marriages, Josh and Brace have proven that true love can withstand the tests of time.


Josh Segarra and Brace Rice’s love story is one filled with laughter, shared interests, and the joy of building a beautiful family. Meeting at a birthday party and bonding over their love for sports, they have created a strong and loving partnership that serves as an inspiration to others. While Josh shines on television and stage, Brace remains the anchor in his life, the Wonder Woman of their family. Together, they have embraced a private life, cherishing every moment of happiness and love they share. Their enduring love is a reminder that true happiness lies in finding a soulmate with whom you can share life’s journey.