How to Buy Swimwear Online

How to Buy Swimwear Online

Not to panic you, but swimsuit season is just a few months away. And while we’re all excited to be free from social distancing, we’re not so eager to do some swimwear shopping.

If you’re still deciding between having items delivered to you and trying them at the comfort of your own home, or battling the crowds of people in the mall and trying out swimsuits in terrible lighting, cramped fitting rooms with pushy salespeople, we’re here for you.

You might doubt the internet’s ability to deliver well-fitted bathing suits, but these tips will help you become pool-ready without going out.

Take your measurements

The greatest challenge in buying swimwear online is size. The best way to guarantee you will get the correct size is to take precise notes of your measurements. If you don’t have a simple measuring tape, you can quickly buy one for $5 or less online. Many stores specify the exact measurements of each of their pieces on the description. You can do the math and select the most suitable for your bust, waist, and hips. Many shops also note if the sizes “run small” or “run big” so watch out for that when purchasing.

Identify your needs

Are you looking for a swimsuit for your Instagram, triathlon training, or a beach holiday with the family? Recognising what you need will identify the type of bathing suit you need, considering the fit, material, and coverage. Also, know what styles flatter your body shape, so you don’t end up scrolling through everything in a shop.

Designer shops gratify the aesthetic desire, but if you’re an athlete, you might want something more efficient. For competitive and fitness swimmers, sellers offer durable designs that provide proper technique and a full range of motion. Some retailers also provide specialised swimsuits with enhanced UV protection for extra coverage.

Look for discounts and coupons

Buying swimwear online will also get you free shipping or discounts, and the perfect time to look is during holidays, like Black Friday or at the start of autumn. Quickly googling a brand or seller, and keywords like “promo code” or “discount” can bring up deals that are not on the online shop’s homepage.

Not only does it lower prices on fashionable pieces, but you could also qualify for free shipping, or even win free goodies with your purchases.

 Review the return policy

Not all retailers offer returns or exchanges, so be 100% sure before buying what you want so you don’t have to deal with these issues later. Some online shops will not accept returns or offer refunds for swimsuits without tags and if the hygiene strip is not intact.

Select your online store carefully.

For a pleasant and hassle-free online shopping, an essential step is to choose your seller wisely. Not every shop is delightful to buy online, as certain brands do not allow refunds. You would want to buy from a company that makes your returns cheap and quick, not one that requires you to go to the post office and wait in line for hours.

Shopping online is easy. You can sit at home with Netflix on in the background while you’re doing it, plus you’ll always get a better price on the virtual shelves. Find the best bathing suit for you by playing by the rules and choosing your shop well!

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