How Instagram Reels Boost Brand Reach and Engagement


Are you looking to boost your brand’s reach and engagement on Instagram? Do you know how a 15-second video could skyrocket your brand’s reach and engagement? Well, the secret weapon, my friends, is Instagram Reels. But how exactly can your brand tap into the Reels phenomenon? How Instagram Reels can amplify your brand’s reach and engagement?

Instagram Reels is a new video feature that allows users to create short, 15-90 second videos with music, filters and special effects. Similar to TikTok, the videos created on Reels can be edited and shared directly on the Instagram platform. Want to learn more? Well, stick around, because in this blog we will discuss it in detail. So, let’s get started;

How Instagram Reels are Powerful Tool for Brands

As the popularity of videos continues to grow, many social media platforms have adapted and started offering video content options. One such platform is Instagram, which introduced “Reels” in August 2020. With only 15-60 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention, brands are getting creative in showcasing their products and services through Instagram Reels.

Here’s why Reels have become an essential tool for brands on Instagram:

  • Reach:Being a feature of Instagram, Reels immediately grants you access to a colossal, diverse audience (over 2.35 billion monthly active users). An exciting reel can easily capture attention, and with Instagram’s algorithmic push towards Reels, your brand visibility is amplified.
  • Engagement:Instagram Reels are easy to consume, and they’re fun. They tap into the viewer’s emotions and build interaction through likes, comments, and shares. This level of engagement is gold for brands wanting to create a rich, vibrant community around their offerings.
  • Creativity and Authenticity:Reels allow brands to let their hair down. This is your chance to showcase the behind-the-scenes, the human side of your brand. People crave genuine connections. Show them the real you.
  • Product Showcasing:Got a new product or service? Show it off in a reel. The visual appeal of Reels makes it a fantastic platform to demonstrate how your products work and their benefits.

How Instagram Reels Boost Brand Reach and Engagement


1. Reels Are Instant Attention Grabbers

With the average human attention span decreasing, it’s crucial for brands to grab their audience’s attention immediately. This is where Reels come in; they are short-form videos that can be up to 90 seconds long. The format is similar to TikTok and has been gaining popularity among Instagram users. With visually appealing and engaging content, Reels have the potential to instantly grab the attention of your audience.

2. Showcase Your Products and Services in a Creative Way

You can also showcase your products and services in a more creative and engaging way through reels. This can help generate interest and awareness about your brand, ultimately leading to more engagement and potential sales.

3. Reels Can Offer Quick Tutorials or Share Valuable Tips

In addition to showcasing products and services, Reels can also be used as a platform for sharing quick tutorials or valuable tips related to your industry.

4. Show Behind-the-Scenes Glances

Reels offer a glimpse behind the scenes of your brand. This provides a more personal touch and helps humanize your brand to your audience. By showcasing the people behind the brand or giving a sneak peek into your production process, you can create a stronger connection with your audience. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and overall engagement.

5. Reels Can Showcase Your Product Demos

Similar to tutorials, Reels can also be used to showcase product demos. With the short format of Reels, businesses can highlight the key features and benefits of their products in an engaging way. This can help pique the interest of potential customers and lead to conversions.

6. Reels Enhance Brand Discoverability

One major benefit of using Reels is its potential for increased discoverability. Reels are featured on the Instagram Explore page, which means they have a higher chance of reaching users who don’t follow your brand yet. This opens up a whole new audience for businesses and can significantly boost their brand’s reach.

7. High Cross-Promotion Potential

Reels also have high cross-promotion potential, as they can be shared on other social media platforms or embedded in blog posts and websites. This allows businesses to expand their reach beyond Instagram and connect with their audience across different channels.

8. Have the Potential to Reach Beyond Your Followers

Unlike regular posts that only reach your followers, Reels have the potential to reach a wider audience. This makes them a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and expanding your customer base.

9. Instagram’s Algorithm Promotes Reels to a Wider Audience

Apart from appearing on the Explore page, Instagram’s algorithm also promotes Reels to a wider audience based on their interests and engagement. This means your Reels have a higher chance of being seen by users who are already interested in similar content, leading to more engagement.

10. Reels Can Drive Specific Actions from the Audience

One unique feature of Reels is its potential for driving specific actions from the audience. Businesses can add a call-to-action to their Reels, directing viewers to take certain actions like visiting their website, making a purchase, or following their account. This direct connection with the audience can lead to tangible results for businesses.

11. Brands Can Resonate with Gen Z and Millennial Users

Instagram is popular among the younger demographic, especially Gen Z and Millennials. By using Reels, you can tap into this audience and resonate with them through creative and engaging content.

12. Reels Can Significantly Enhance Brand Reach and Engagement

Overall, Instagram Reels have proven to be a powerful tool for boosting brand reach and engagement.

So, use Reels wisely and make the most out of this feature to enhance your brand’s reach and engagement on Instagram. Be creative, be authentic, and watch your audience connect with your brand in a whole new way through Reels.


Q: Do Instagram reels boost engagement?

A: Absolutely! Instagram reels can enhance your engagement levels, showing up to a 22% boost compared to standard Instagram posts.

Q: How do I increase my reel views?

A: You can enhance your reel views by utilizing simple yet effective tips. Simple tricks such as using trending hashtags, creating engaging content, and posting at peak user times can elevate your reel views. If you’re looking for an extra push, you can also consider purchasing views from reputable sources like Mixx or Socialwick.

Q: Why is my reel not boosting?

A: Well, there could be several reasons why your reel is not boosting. It could be down to the content, timing, or even the hashtags you’re using.

Q: What is the best time to post reels daily?

A: Posting between 9 AM and 12 PM tends to yield the best engagement. These are typically the most active hours for Instagram users, so your chances of getting more views and engagement are higher during this timeframe.

Q: How much does Instagram pay for 1k reel views?

A: There is no fixed amount that Instagram pays for 1,000 reel views. However, on average, it can range from $0.01 to $0.05 per 1,000 views.

Do reels help you gain followers?

Yes, reels are an effective way to reach more audiences and gain followers. With their broad reach and engaging format, reels can attract new users to your profile and increase your follower count.

Q: Is it better to post a video or a reel?

A: Reels generally get more views and have a broader reach than traditional videos. They are a powerful tool for engagement on Instagram.


In conclusion, Instagram Reels can significantly enhance your brand’s reach and engagement. So, why not give them a try? It’s about consistent, and relatable content. So, let your creativity fly, dive into the Reels phenomenon, and watch your brand fly to new heights. Good luck and thanks for reading!