Gloria DeLuise, Personal Life and Net Worth


Gloria DeLuise was one of those lucky ladies on earth, who got true love in their life. Gloria DeLuise died decades ago but her husband, Burt Young, who is today a famous American actor, painter, and author, still lives with the memory of his beloved wife, Gloria DeLuise.

Today, let’s delve deeper into the love story as well as other life details of Gloria DeLuise including her early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, married life, children, death, and other details.

Personal life

With the fact that Gloria DeLuise rose to popularity because of her marriage, there is not any information available about her childhood. Be it the names of her parents or her exact date of birth, nothing is known to the public.

So coming directly to the love life of Gloria DeLuise which is the main reason for her popularity, she got married to American actor, Burt Young in 1961. The couple spent wonderful moments together for the next 13 years before the death of Gloria DeLuise in 1974. What was the reason for her death is not confirmed. After the death of Gloria DeLuise, her husband who was a young successful actor at that time chose to live with the memory of his wife forever and is still living with them even today. He could have gone for second marriage, but he did not.

Parents and siblings

As we already said, the family background of Gloria DeLuise is a mystery to the public, the names of her parents, as well as siblings, are not known to the public.


With her blissful married life with Burt Young, Gloria DeLuise had one daughter named Anne Morea, who was born in 1969 and is an actress today.

Education and profession

Like many other life details, no information is available on the education and profession of Gloria DeLuise as well. However, we assume that Gloria DeLuise might have been a well-educated or professionally established lady because she was the wife of an actor.

Reason for the Popularity of Gloria DeLuise

Needless to mention that the one and only reason for the popularity of Gloria DeLuise was her husband, Burt Young, who is very close to his wife and loved her deeply. Burt Young never openly talked about his wife but his love for her made her popular.

Net worth of Gloria DeLuise

Considering the fact that the profession of Gloria DeLuise is not known, her net worth can’t be estimated. Regardless of the fact of how much net worth Gloria DeLuise had in her life, she enjoyed a luxurious life because she was the wife of an actor, Burt Young, who was a millionaire at that time too. Today, he holds an estimated net worth of around 2 million.


We must say Gloria DeLuise was really a fortunate woman because getting true love in today’s world is a rare thing and she has got that in her life. It is unfortunate that her true love story could not last much longer.