Donald Eugene Hogan, Personal Life and Net Worth


Donald Eugene Hogan was a basketball player from America but is mainly known because of his actress and model daughter, Anna Nicole Smith. Today, Donald Eugene Hogan as well as his daughter, both are dead but their names are alive. You might already know a lot about his actress daughter, so today let’s learn something interesting about Donald Eugene Hogan.

If you are also interested in this, here unfold the details about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other details about Donald Eugene Hogan.

Personal life

Donald Eugene Hogan was born on 12 July 1947, in Harris County, Texas, USA, to Clarence Eugene Hogan and Helen Morine Sandlin Hogan. Besides this, not much information is available about the early life of Donald Eugene Hogan.

If we talk about his love life, Donald Eugene Hogan married his lady love Virgie Mae Tabers Hart-Arthur in 1967 and they probably remained together till the death of Donald Eugene Hogan in 2009. However, this is not confirmed by Donald Eugene Hogan, who took his last breath on 19 September 2009, in Oakhurst, San Jacinto County, Texas, USA, at the age of 62.

Parents and siblings

Apart from the names of his parents, Clarence Eugene Hogan and Helen Morine Sandlin Hogan, no information is available about his family background. Neither the names of his siblings nor the professions of her parents are known.


No doubt Donald Eugene Hogan had a successful married life with his wife Virgie Mae Tabers Hart-Arthur. He welcomed his only child Anna Nicole Smith the same year he got married, that is 1967. The daughter of Donald Eugene Hogan was a famous American fashion model and actress.

Education and profession

Finding any confirmed information about the education of Donald Eugene Hogan is not possible because neither he nor his famous daughter ever revealed anything regarding his education as well as profession. According to some sources, Donald Eugene Hogan was a basketball player. However, it is not known whether he was a national player or not.

Reason for the popularity of Donald Eugene Hogan

Undoubtedly, the main reason for the popularity of Donald Eugene Hogan is his daughter, Anna Nicole Smith, who accomplished giant success as an actress and earned worldwide recognition. She apparently never talked about her family background but her huge stardom was enough to make her family members famous.

Net worth of Donald Eugene Hogan

If we consider the fact that Donald Eugene Hogan was a basketball player, we assume that he might have churned out a good amount of money in his life. However, the exact net worth of Donald Eugene Hogan is not known. If you talk about the net worth of his actress daughter, Anna Nicole Smith, she left around 1 million behind when she died.


No matter what Donald Eugene Hogan did in his professional career and how much success he gained, in his personal life, he did the job of a father very well because it’s only he who made his daughter so strong that she could achieve such a massive success.