Get to Know How Sina Essary Moved From a Nun to A Mobster’s Wife

Sina Essary is famously known as the second and last wife of American mobster Joe Gallo. She was also an actress and involved in several uncredited plays with her daughter Lisa Essary.

Education and Life Before Meeting Joe Gallo

Sina Essary attended several schools in Ohio, most of them catholic schools. At 18, Sina joined St. Joseph Convent as a sister; she was a true believer, but the unexpected happened. Before joining the Convent, she had a boyfriend and while on sick leave, she met with him, and they got intimate.

Lisa became pregnant and could not be accepted at the Convent; she married her boyfriend, and they had a daughter. Despite their love, they did not stay together for long. They divorced, and Sina Essery had to work to provide for her daughter; she got a job at a jewelry store in Ohio.

Her Daughter

While working at the jewelry store, Sina noticed that her daughter was into acting, and she took her to a theatre for auditions. Sina and her daughter moved to New York so that her daughter could pursue an acting career. She became a Broadway star as she appeared in several plays. Sina was her daughter’s manager, and life was good, given what Sina’s daughter earned from acting.

It is unclear if Lisa continued with her acting career as an adult or maybe her three-week relationship with her stepfather Joe Gallo, a criminal, might have affected her chances in the acting industry.

Sina’s Love Story With Joe Gallo

Before meeting Joe Gallo, Sina Essary liked her daughter’s music teacher and wanted to marry him, but she was disappointed when she discovered he was gay. When Sina Essary met Joe Gallo, he was just out of prison and seemed to have changed. Sina mentioned that he was a romantic man.

Sina and Joe lived in the same building, and she saw him for the first time in the elevator. According to Sina, Joe looked pale, but you could still see his romantic side. She was attracted by his intelligence and the fact that he could talk about anything, including theatre, art and politics. Joe Gallo started pursuing Sina even though he was married; he even promised to divorce his wife to marry her.

Joe could send gifts to Sina Essery, and she started falling for him. After Joe divorced his first wife, he married Sina, and after they had tied the knot, she realized she had married a mobster whose past might come to haunt him.

The Death of Her Husband

It was just three weeks after their marriage, and Sina was attending her new husband’s birthday party when he was killed. Sina was accompanied by her daughter, who was 11 years old at the time. They were partying when all of a sudden, four gunmen started shooting. She watched as several gunshots killed her husband. Sina covered her daughter with a fur coat and told her to pretend to be dead.