Facts About Shoshana Emanuel’s Life

Shoshana Emanuel is the adoptive sister of Ari Emanuel, a businessman; her other two siblings, American politician and current US ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel and Ezekiel Emanuel, an oncologist and bioethicist. Shoshana’s adoptive parents were Benjamin M. Emanuel, a pediatrician, and Marsha Emanuel, a nurse and civil rights activist.

Shoshana was adopted after Dr. Benjamin Emanuel treated her after she had suffered a brain hemorrhage at eight days. She also has cerebral palsy. It is unclear under which circumstances Marsha and Benjamin adopted her, but her parents were very supportive and took care of her.

Personal Life

Shoshana Emanuel’s exact date of birth is unknown, but when she was adopted, her older siblings were in their teens, that is, in the 1970s. She was eight days old and is currently in her late 40s. Talking of her romantic life, Shoshana Emanuel has kept that information away from the public. It is unclear if Shoshana is married or not.

Educational Background

Given that all her brothers are well educated, Shoshana Emanuel must have gone to school or at least home-schooled. For instance, her older brother Ari was going to school, and even after being diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, his mother hired private teachers and tutors to help him. So, there is a high possibility she went to school despite the name being unknown.

Career and Net Worth

Shoshana Emanuel has been very secretive about her life, including what she does to earn a living. She has not made public what she does, but her brothers are all doing well in their respective careers, and they can offer her financial support if need be. Given her work is unknown, it is hard to estimate her net worth.

Her Brother Ari Emanuel

Despite his diagnosis of ADHD, Shoshana’s father did not give up on his dreams. With his parents’ help, he could complete his studies. He studied at Macalester College, after which he started his business career. Ari worked in several companies before founding Endeavor.

Shoshana’s brother worked at International Creative Management and InterTalent. Ari Emanuel, along with other stakeholders, formed Endeavor Talent Agency in 1995, and in 2009 they merged it with William Morris Agency to Endeavor. Ari and his company represent digital media, film, and television artists.

Besides Endeavor, Shoshana’s brother has other businesses; he is on Live Nation Entertainment’s board of directors. He is also a co-CEO of a global sports and talent company called International Management  Group ( IMG) in New York City. The other chief executive officer is his fellow businessman Patrick Whitesell.

What is the Net Worth of Shoshana’s Brother?

Shoshana Emanuel’s brother Ari has a net worth of 450 million dollars; he has made his wealth through his business career and as the chief executive officer of Endeavor. His older brother Rahm once joked that Ari is the richest in the family, while Ezekiel is quiet and he is talkative.

Ari uses some of his wealth to support people who may be in need and also for his daily financial needs.