Meet Buff Bagwell’s Ex-Wife, Gabby Randallson


Gabby Randallson has remained famous thanks to her ex-husband Marcus Alexander Bagwell, famously known as Buff Bagwell, an American professional wrestler. Gabby married Bagwell in 1996, but they ended their marriage years later. However, it was not Buff’s first marriage since he married Alexis Rianja in 1988 but divorced in 1994.

It is unclear if Gabby Randallson had any children during her four-year marriage because the lack of children from his first marriage was why Buff divorced his wife. Nevertheless, there is no detail about Buff’s children on the internet, and it is assumed that Gabby did not have any children with her.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing Buff, Gabby went on with her life but away from the spotlight. She has not revealed information on who she married and if she has any children. Besides, she probably has kids because, by the time of her divorce from Buff, she was in her late twenties.

On the other hand, Buff remarried for the third time. He married a lady whose name had not been mentioned, but his relationship with her ended just like his previous marriages. Additionally, his third marriage did not yield any children.

Gabby’s Ex-Husband’s Wrestling Career

Buff Bagwell was a baseball player, but after completing his high school studies, he decided to try boxing. He started as an amateur boxer, making his debut in 1990. The following year, Gabby’s ex-husband joined World Championship Wrestling, making his debut in November, though he lost to Mike Graham.

Buff has worked with several promotion brands throughout his career in wrestling, including World Wrestling Federation, World Wrestling All-Stars, and X Wrestling Federation. During his tenure in wrestling, Gabby’s ex-husband was a five-time world tag team champion. In 2012, Buff started a podcast, Rebuilding Buff, which he co-hosts with Michael Long.

Accidents and Lawsuits Surrounding Gabby’s Ex-Husband

Gabby’s ex-husband has suffered several accidents; first, he broke his neck and was involved in a severe car accident in April 2012. Before the accident, he called his then-wife and informed her that he would have a seizure. He had suffered injuries on bones in the neck, jaw, and face and could not feed well. Buff was placed in the intensive care unit, and some procedures were performed to replace the broken bones.

In 2020, Gabby Randallson’s ex-husband was in another accident resulting in a broken nose, a torn groin muscle, and broken ribs. Despite his many car accidents, Buff has never stopped driving one. In May 2021, Buff was arrested and charged with five issues: lying to the police about his name, overspeeding, hit and run, and giving a wrong address.

Social Media

Gabby Randallson lives a private life and is not active on social media platforms. However, her ex-husband is on social media handles and likes to post pictures and videos for his fans to look into his personal life. He is particularly active on Instagram and Twitter, where he enjoys tremendous following and love from his fans.