Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore, Parents Career, Net Worth and Bio

Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore

Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore is a celebrity because of coming from the Barrymore family. The family is known to have famous actors who have been in the acting industry for a longest time. The Barrymore family has been in the acting industry for over four hundred years.

Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore was born to John Barrymore and his third wife, Dolores Costello. Dolores Ethel Mae was the firstborn of the relationship and was born on April 8, 1930. Dolores was not the only child, as she had a younger brother John Barrymore who died in 2004.

Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore’s Mother

Dolores Costello was Dolores Ethel Mae’s mother, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to actors Maurice and Mae Costello. Born into a family of actors, Dolores Costello and her younger sister Helene also debuted in filming when they were children.

Dolores’ father was an idol actor of his time, and it was easy for Dolores and her sister Helene to get supporting roles in films that her father acted. The two sisters’ success in acting led to their contracts with Warner Bros Pictures.

Dolores Costello had starred in small parts in a film, leading her to be selected by John Barrymore to star opposite him in The Sea Beast. After that, Warner began starring Dolores in her vehicles, which led to the growth of her acting career.

The actors, John Barrymore and Dolores Costello, started being romantically involved after acting together. In 1928, they married and started a family. Costello continued acting, and within a year, she became a star who became a film personality in her rights.

Costello’s career as an actress bloomed to the point that she was named WAMPAS Baby Star in 1926. The award led to her nickname, the Goddess of the Silver Screen.

Dolores Costello was a star until she became a mother on April 8, 1930, when she decided to focus on her family. Dolores welcomed her daughter Dolores Ethel Mae, which made her retire from the screen in 1931.

Dolores Costello focused on growing her family, and on June 4, 1932, she welcomed her second child John Drew Barrymore. Although Dolores Costello was determined to make her family grow, marriage became harder because of her husband’s increasing alcoholism.

In 1935, Dolores Costello divorced John Barrymore, and a year later, she resumed her acting career. She succeeded in Little Lord and other films she featured in but retired permanently from acting in 1943.

Dolores Ethel’s mother tried marrying in 1939, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1950. Dolores Costello spent her later years managing her avocado farm.

What is Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore’s Career

Dolores Ethel Mae came from a family of actors, but unfortunately, she never had an interest in the field. She has stayed away from the limelight all her years, although her younger brother ventured into acting like their parents.

Dolores Ethel Mae is still alive, but not much information about her has been revealed to the public.