Meet Dana Lee Connors, Mike Connors’s Daughter

Dana Lee Connors

Dana Lee Connors, born in 1960, was the second child born to the late Mike Connors and his wife, Marylou Connors. Mike Connors was a great actor who started acting in the 1950s, and his appearance in many films has made him a legend that remains in many people’s hearts because of his excellent performance.

Although Dana’s father spent many years in the spotlight featuring in many films and television shows, Dana has kept a low profile, making it hard to tell which career she pursued in her life.

But according to trusted sources, Dana got married and bore one daughter, Mike Connors’s granddaughter. It is unclear if Dana gave birth to other children.

Dana Lee Connors’s Siblings

Dana Lee Connors had a brother called Matthew Gunnar Ohanian. Matthew was Dana’s only sibling and firstborn in 1958, although he passed away in 2007. When Matthew was 15, he was diagnosed with a mental disorder, Schizophrenia.

The diagnosis of Dana’s sibling came as a surprise, but it motivated Dana’s father to become active in Charitable organizations for mental disorder patients. He became a spokesperson for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and as a result, he was awarded the Silver Ribbon Award for his contributions in 1998.

Dana Lee Connors’s Parents

Dana Lee’s parents were Marylou Willey and Mike Connors. The couple met in the 1940s, and although their meeting circumstances are unknown, they exchanged vows on September 10, 1949.

Dana’s parents met at UCLA, and they got married while they were students. The couple spent many years together before finally welcoming their two children, Dana and her brother Matthew.

Connors and his wife had the most successful marriage; since they were married, there were no controversies. The couple remained married until when Connors died in 2017.

Dana Lee’s Father 

Dana Lee’s father was born on August 15, 1925, as Krekor J. Ohanian. Mike was brought up in Fresno, California, USA, where he attended school. When he was in high school, he was an active basketball player.

Connors served in the US Army Air Force during the Second World War, and when he returned home, he received a scholarship to join the University of California and study Law. Connors did not forget his high school talent and continued playing basketball at university.

Dana’s father began his acting career in 1952 when he featured in Sudden Fear as Touch. After the first role, he got more opportunities and built his acting CV. Mike featured in more than 100 roles through the 1950s, growing his name and net worth.

Dana’s father was a famous Hollywood figure in the 1960s when he started featuring in major roles. He acted in famous films like Good Neighbor Sam and Mannix, the Tv series where he appeared in all 194 episodes enabling him to earn a substantial amount that boosted his net worth.

Death of Dana Lee Connors’ Father

Dana’s father died in 2017 at 91 years old. The actor died one week after he was diagnosed with Leukemia in Tarzana, California.