Best Home Remedies for Permanently Bigger Lips

How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally

Soft, plumper, fuller and permanently bigger lips is always a show grabber. Worry no more, this article will help you learn how to have bigger lips naturally at home.

Lips have always been part of a fashion statement, some people even go extra on their lips by having them done surgically. To save a big chunk of your money, here are some DIY and natural ways on how to achieve bigger lips, no surgeries needed!

Essential oils will help you do the trick on how to get permanently bigger lips. Here are some DIY bigger lips remedies using natural essential oils and alternative routines that will magically help to make your lips bigger permanently.

Peppermint oil for lips

Peppermint oil for lips
Peppermint oil for lips

Simply apply enough peppermint oil to your lips and wait for it to take effect. On application, it will boost the circulation in the said area then giving you full pouty lips.

Though it will irritate and make your lips swell initially, you don’t have to panic because this is the normal way your body would react. Peppermint oil will not only make your lips bigger but will also add natural rose tint and a cooling effect.

Peppermint and Honey

Peppermint and Honey

Another way on how to get permanently big lips is to combine the power of peppermint oil and honey. This is surely an effective bigger lips remedy, you just have to apply the combo mixture, let it sit about 15 minutes before washing it off. Brace yourself because you might feel a manageable burning sensation when applying the mixture, you must proceed with caution.

Olive oil and Cayenne Pepper

Olive oil and Cayenne Pepper

For this natural home remedy you will have to mix thoroughly a small amount of cayenne pepper and olive oil. Make sure to moisten your lips first before applying generously the cayenne pepper olive oil mixture you just made. A disclaimer, make sure also that you can handle the burning effect of cayenne pepper so that you will not have to cry later on as the mixture will take effect.

Cinnamon oil and Papaya

Cinnamon oil and Papaya

Combine a pinch or two of cinnamon powder with mashed papaya. The amount of both ingredients should achieve a paste consistency, then apply to your lips and wait for the wonders it will do. Be generous to all areas of your lips when applying this cinnamon papaya paste. Leave the mixture on your lips for about ten minutes and wipe it with a damp cloth or wet wipes.

Capsicum Oil  Lip Scrub

Capsicum Oil  Lip Scrub
Capsicum Oil  Lip Scrub

This capsicum oil lip scrub will benefit you in two ways, it helps a lot in exfoliating dead skin cells off your lips and make your lips plumper. You will need brown sugar, honey and capsicum oil.

First thing to do is you have to crush a teaspoon of brown sugar then add it to an equal amount of honey. Mix thoroughly the crushed brown sugar and honey then add a few drops of capsicum oil. This combo mixture should be massaged carefully on your lips for about 5 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

Easy Home Remedies to get Bigger Lips


Here are some of the alternative and effective ways to get attractive permanent big lips.

Ice cube. This is the simplest way you could get big lips. You should dedicate a straight 2 weeks to rub an ice cube over your lips in less than 2 minutes to wipe out the dead skin and improve the blood flow of your lips. An important reminder, don’t go rubbing your lips with an ice cube for too long as it may cause damage to your beautiful lips.

Brushing your lips. This will also do the trick. With a dry toothbrush, flake off the dead cells on your lips regularly. This practice will give you a softer, smoother and plumper lips. In addition, pouring a small amount of honey or adding Vaseline to the toothbrush will also help you make your lips bigger permanently.

Exfoliate. Don’t forget the lips, exfoliate with brown sugar and coconut oil. Women indeed have many roles to play but before you go out of the shower make sure you have exfoliated your lips. Why do you need to exfoliate your lips?

It’s because the skin as a whole continually sheds over time including the lips. Did you know that the dead skin that has accumulated around your lips will contribute to the stinky smell in your oral area? Thus exfoliating will not only contribute to your good oral hygiene but also boost the blood circulation that will then make your lips bigger permanently.

Do lip massage. There are several ways on how you could permanently get bigger lips. Doing lip muscle exercises will surely give you the result you have always wanted. Like muscles in other parts of the body, lip muscles can also do some exercise to build that big lips.

Try doing a whistling motion with your lips until you feel soreness. You could also pucker your lips, alternate between a smiling and frowning face and any other lip workout that are likely effective.

Hydrate and eat healthy. Cliche as it may be but this should not be taken for granted. The cells in your lips also need the proper amount of water and nutrients to be able plump and pout like how they should be. Drink water more often and consider choosing healthy foods and fruits.

Final Verdict

No, you don’t have to dare to do the Kylie lip challenge for it will only cause you more unworthy harm, instead, when you are really in a hurry dab a small amount of highlighter to enhance your cupid’s bow.

This will definitely make your lips look bigger. This “how to make your lips bigger” alternatives are all cost efficient and effective. With these natural home remedies for bigger lips you can have everyone looking envious at your big lips.

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